Fantasy getaways

The dream spring break vacation of an area travel agent probably includes a land free of spring break travelers trying to arrange their dream spring break.

Fantasy vacations may differ in locale, but our writer on Locust Walk noted a few similarities. Warm weather is a common one, as are foreign lands and, well, foreign bodies.

  • Meg Thompson, Wharton, Class of '00
    "Ideally for spring break I'd like to be stranded on a desert island with nothing except that cute actor David Borneaz and a bottle of tanning oil."

  • Elizabeth Trocki, College, Class of '02
    "Paris. I'd like to go to 'Paris in the Springtime' because it's the quintessential vacation."

  • Brenda Vaughn, College, Class of '01
    "I think it would be really fun to go to one of those MTV beach houses. I might get to meet a few celebrities."

  • Spyridon Stavrou, College, Class of '01
    "The Cote d'Azur. All the glamorous people and jet setters are there. French food and champagne - and the women."

  • Jim Springstead, Engineering, Class of '01
    "To tell you the truth Brighton, Michigan. To me, going home would actually be the best thing."

  • Cliff DiCerbo, College, Class of '01
    "Cancun, Mexico. It's warm, far and filled with places where I can get drinks. All I need is beer and a couple of se–oritas."

  • David Ha, Engineering, Class of '02
    "I'd go to flight school, I guess. My parents are always calling me a space cadet."

  • Melissa Desvarieux, Wharton, Class of '00
    "Venice, Italy. I'd go there for break because I think it's the city of loveÉit's really romantic. And everyone gets action there."

  • Laura Kaplan, Engineering, Class of '99
    "Sydney, Australia. I would love to go someplace different. And if I met a guy with one of those sexy accents I wouldn't mind either."

  • Chrissy Croft, Engineering, Class of '00
    "French Riviera. I'd like to re-meet the cute French windsurfer I met in Spain two years ago."

  • George Corbin, Wharton, Class of '01
    "My girlfriend lives in Florida - the capital of spring breakers - so we're going back there. The only that could be better would be for us to win one of those week-long cruises."

  • Eric Chen, Wharton, Class of '99
    "I'd go to Hawaii for spring break. I'd like to go to the Big Island to see the black beaches."

-Maggie Tran

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Originally published on February 25, 1999