Fantasy getaways

The dream spring break vacation of an area travel agent probably includes a land free of spring break travelers trying to arrange their dream spring break.

Fantasy vacations may differ in locale, but our writer on Locust Walk noted a few similarities. Warm weather is a common one, as are foreign lands and, well, foreign bodies.

Meg Thompson, Wharton, Class of '00
"Ideally for spring break I'd like to be stranded on a desert island with nothing except that cute actor David Borneaz and a bottle of tanning oil."

Elizabeth Trocki, College, Class of '02
"Paris. I'd like to go to 'Paris in the Springtime' because it's the quintessential vacation."

Brenda Vaughn, College, Class of '01
"I think it would be really fun to go to one of those MTV beach houses. I might get to meet a few celebrities."

Spyridon Stavrou, College, Class of '01
"The Cote d'Azur. All the glamorous people and jet setters are there. French food and champagne - and the women."

Jim Springstead, Engineering, Class of '01
"To tell you the truth Brighton, Michigan. To me, going home would actually be the best thing."

Cliff DiCerbo, College, Class of '01
"Cancun, Mexico. It's warm, far and filled with places where I can get drinks. All I need is beer and a couple of se–oritas."

David Ha, Engineering, Class of '02
"I'd go to flight school, I guess. My parents are always calling me a space cadet."

Melissa Desvarieux, Wharton, Class of '00
"Venice, Italy. I'd go there for break because I think it's the city of loveÉit's really romantic. And everyone gets action there."

Laura Kaplan, Engineering, Class of '99
"Sydney, Australia. I would love to go someplace different. And if I met a guy with one of those sexy accents I wouldn't mind either."

Chrissy Croft, Engineering, Class of '00
"French Riviera. I'd like to re-meet the cute French windsurfer I met in Spain two years ago."

George Corbin, Wharton, Class of '01
"My girlfriend lives in Florida - the capital of spring breakers - so we're going back there. The only that could be better would be for us to win one of those week-long cruises."

Eric Chen, Wharton, Class of '99
"I'd go to Hawaii for spring break. I'd like to go to the Big Island to see the black beaches."

-Maggie Tran

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Originally published on February 25, 1999