A casual pitch

In the Recreation Department's intramural softball league, all you really need to play is a bat and a ball, both of which are provided by Recreation. Uniforms and gloves are not part of the package. So the staff and students who participate in the league's 48 teams come as they are (and bring their gloves) to the games on Hill Field, which makes for a casual atmosphere that emphasizes the fun of team sports. Or at least most of them do; according to Murray Grant, assistant director of intramural sports, some of the league's teams do buy uniforms for their players.

The league's 1999 spring season continues through April 14. The Recreation Department also offers a summer softball league for staff; the deadline for registering your team is April 15. For more information about signing up for summer play, call 898-6100.

Photo by Daniel R. Burke

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Originally published on April 1, 1999