A partial go-ahead

Acting on the recommendation of the Working Group on Alcohol Abuse, the University has partially lifted the ban on serving alcohol at events sponsored by student organizations.

As of April 9, the ban no longer applies to Senior Week events or to events held at off-campus locations licensed to serve alcohol, provided those events conform to University policy, the rules of the licensed location and applicable city, state and federal laws.

The Working Group has also recommended that additional alcohol-free events be organized during Spring Fling weekend, especially between 11 p.m Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday, a recommendation also accepted by the administration.

Campus organizations sponsoring off-campus events will be required to follow a set of protocols in order to serve alcohol, including submitting guest lists in advance to the Vice Provost for University Life, issuing wristbands to those of legal drinking age, and having non-drinking monitors of legal drinking age on hand at the event.

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Originally published on April 15, 1999