Gotta dance, etc.

There are more than 11,000 undergraduates at Penn, and when last we looked, almost every one of them had formed an a cappella group. So, it's no surprise that our gentle readers mostly chose a cappella groups as their favorite campus performers.

Greg Abrams, College, Class of '00
"I'd say Mask and Wig. Besides the fact that I know several people in it, it's usually the raunchiest, but also the most creative. Plus everyone in it is really passionate, generating energy and enthusiasm."

Jim Blumenthal, College, Class of '99
"Penn Six [Pennsylvania Six-5000] can be funny. They were better a couple of years ago, but I still think they are the best performing-arts group on campus."

Wayne Yi, College, Class of '01
"I like Mask & Wig because they're very entertaining - not just doing songs, but performing skits as well."

Kobie Xavier, College, Class of '00
"Penn Dance, because I am in it."

Vlad Galiothe, Wharton, Class of '01
"Counterparts. The first time I saw them perform during a jazz band concert I thought that they were absolutely fantastic. I have always been impressed by a cappella groups."

Kim Vukhac, College, Class of '01
"I like [The] Inspiration because the singers in that group seem to have a lot of talent because they improv a lot and they're damn good to listen to and watch."

Manuel Dubon, Wharton, Class of '01
"Onda Latina because I love dancing: it relaxes me and it takes me somewhere else."

Nancy Park, College Class of '99
"Full Measure, because they are very honest in what they believe in - you can tell that something is very important to them. They have a lot of fun and have great group dynamics."

Liz Bernard, College, Class of '99
"I love all the a cappella groups, but I would have to say my favorite is Off the Beat. They sing young music, put on fun shows, and I have friends in the group. They've developed a cult following."

Noel Watson, Wharton, Class of '01
"I don't have any. I suppose I like the a cappella groups."

-Nathaniel Glasser

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Originally published on April 15, 1999