Four fellows

Three faculty members and a visiting lecturer at the University were awarded prestigious Guggenheim Fellowships this month.

Nader Engheta, professor of electrical engineering; Kathryn Hellerstein, lecturer in Yiddish language and literature; Leo Katz, professor of law; and Paul Hendrickson, visiting lecturer in English, were among the 179 scholars, artists and writers in the United States and Canada who received fellowships for 1999.

Visiting lecturer and Washington Post staff writer Hendrickson will follow up his award-winning book "The Living and the Dead : Robert McNamara and Five Lives of a Lost War" (Vintage) with a study of the legacy of racism in Mississippi sheriffs' families. Hellerstein will use the grant to further her work on women poets in Yiddish, while Katz is undertaking a project concerning the perverse logic of law and morality. Engheta's fellowship will assist his research into the fractional paradigm of classical electrodynamics.

Each year the Guggenheim Foundation grants aid to individuals engaged in research in any field and creation in any area of the arts.

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Originally published on April 29, 1999