Picnics are for...

Schmoozing? Snoozing? Turns out there's a whole bunch of picnic philosophies. So pick the ones that suit your own approach to hoagies al fresco.

  • Jeff Gambino, Wharton, Class of '00
    "Bio Pond. Close, quick and yet it's like you've been transported from the urban environment to the country in three minutes flat."

  • Kathy Liu, Law, Class of '00
    "The little area in front of Hill House because it's not crowded like College Green and there isn't any car traffic or people traffic."

  • Nadia Nelson, Wharton, Class of '01
    "The best picnic spot is the College Green because it is one of the most picturesque places on campus. Also, it is a good opportunity to see people you know, or to just people-watch."

  • Evan Karoutsos, College, Class of '00
    "There's a little fountain behind Steinberg-Dietrich with a bunch of benches. It's shady but the sun shines through."

  • Sing Ai Lee, Wharton, Class of '02
    "Fairmount Park...because that would take us out of this school ... where we won't be reminded of stressful finals. Ahhhh!!!!"

  • Tina Saha, College, Class of '01
    "Bio Pond. It's tucked away and you don't feel like you're on campus. You can feel like you have privacy and be in touch with nature without having to actually leave campus."

  • Thomas Fong, Wharton, Class of '02
    "The best picnic spot for Penn students would be the College Green. The reasoning is that it's within walking distance and spacious. One can also sit around and see or talk to fellow students."

  • Jared Simon, Wharton, Class of '02
    "The best spot for a picnic is most definitely on Ben Franklin's lap or beside him on the bench on 37th and Locust. His charming appeal and astute conversations make for an intellectually stimulating lunch for all Penn students."

  • Meg Sutula, Wharton, Class of '99
    "In a boat on the Schuykill River. You are on water, isolated and able to talk to and enjoy the person you are with...no distractions."

  • Dan Diamond, College, Class of '00
    "The College Green because it's in the middle of campus. It's in a pretty area and you get the full brunt of collegiate life."

  • Chloe Menos, Engineering, Class of '99
    "Hill Field. It may not be the most obvious place, but that's the point. You can enjoy your picnic and not be in everyone's view."

    - Maggie Tran

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    Originally published on April 29, 1999