Enforce rules

President Judith Rodin has called for comments on the recommendations of the Working Group on Alcohol Abuse, which delivered its final report Monday, April 26.

On receiving the report, Rodin also ended the temporary ban of all alcohol that lasted nearly five weeks.

The final report suggests that would-be drinkers might lighten up if they had other ways to play during prime drinking times, and that the University needs to improve its enforcement of the alcohol-related regulations already in place.

The group's recommendations included strategies to encourage personal and group responsibility in the use of alcohol and to change the campus culture that encourages alcohol abuse.

Rodin will accept comments on the group's recommendations from members of the University community until June 30.

The full text of the report as well as a place to comment on the recommendations are posted on the group's Web site. Comments can also be e-mailed directly to Rodin.

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Originally published on May 13, 1999