Wharton School awards for teaching

The Wharton School has announced the winners of its top teaching awards for 1999.

    Franklin Allen

    Lorin M. Hitt

    Barbara E. Kahn

    William C. Tyson

  • Barbara E. Kahn, Ph.D., professor of marketing, and Lorin M. Hitt, Ph.D., assistant professor of operations and information management, were both awarded the 9th Annual David W. Hauck Award for Outstanding Teaching. The Hauck Award is given to recipients for their ability to lead, stimulate and challenge students, knowledge of the latest research in the field and a commitment to educational leadership. Kahn was honored for her teaching Introduction to Marketing, and Hitt for Management Information Systems and Advanced Decision Systems: Evolutionary Computation.

  • Franklin Allen, Ph.D., the Nippon Life Professor of Finance and Economics, was selected in a vote by MBA students to receive the Helen Kardon Moss Anvil Award for outstanding teaching quality in the graduate division. He has won the Excellence in Teaching Award for the sixth consecutive year for teaching Financial Analysis.

  • William C. Tyson, Ph.D., associate professor of legal studies, was awarded the Class of 1984 award for the seventh time, along with an Excellence in Teaching Award - for teaching Securitites Regulation and Real Estate Law, Finance and Development for the 14th time.

Wharton's Excellence in Teaching Awards are given in recognition of outstanding teaching and exceptional committment to students.

The undergraduate division winners were Suleyman Basak, Ph.D., assistant professor of finance; Thomas Donaldson, Ph.D., Mark O. Winkelman Professor and professor of legal studies; Jeffrey H. Dyer, Ph.D., Stanley Goldstein Term Assistant Professor of Management; Jamshed K.S. Ghandhi, Ph.D., associate professor of finance; William F. Hamilton, Ph.D., Ralph Landau Professor of Management and Technology and professor of management; William S. Laufer, Ph.D., associate professor of legal studies; Philip M. Nichols, Ph.D., associate professor of legal studies; and Tyson.

The graduate division winners were Michael W. Brandt, Ph.D., assistant professor of finance; Donaldson; David J. Reibstein, Ph.D., William Stewart Woodside Professor and professor of marketing; Jeremy Siegel, Ph.D., Russell E. Palmer Professor and professor of finance; Nicolaj Siggelkow, Ph.D., assistant professor of management; and Karl T. Ulrich, Ph.D., associate professor of operations and information management.

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Originally published on May 13, 1999