College house changes

Six new appointments to college houses have been announced by David B. Brownlee, director of College Houses and Academic Services.

Peter J. Conn

Interim Faculty Master

  • Peter J. Conn, Ph.D., will serve as interim Faculty Master of Community House. Conn, newly appointed Deputy Provost and a Professor of English, and his wife, Terry Conn, M.A., Assistant Vice Provost for University Life, will return to Community House, where Peter Conn had served as Associate Master from 1987 to 1994.

House Deans

Christine Brisson

  • Christine Brisson, Ph.D., will serve as House Dean of Spruce College House. A linguist, Brisson spent six years developing programs for the residence system at Rutgers University’s undergraduate college for women, Douglass College.

  • Christopher Donovan
  • Christopher Donovan (C’92), Ph.D., will serve as House Dean of Gregory College House. Donovan spent five years with Penn’s Department of Housing and Conference Services and prior to that, served as Head Prefect for a College of General Studies program for students gifted in the arts, called the Penn Summer Academy in Communications.

Faculty Fellows

  • Peter Struck, Ph.D., will serve as Faculty Fellow in Hamilton College House. The Assistant Professor of Classical Studies will serve while Michael Gamer, Ph.D. , is on leave.
  • Penny Fielding, Ph.D., will serve as Faculty Fellow in Kings Court/English College House. Fielding, a visiting Professor of English from the University of Edinburgh, is trading places for the year with Toni Bowers, Ph.D., who is in Edinburgh. But Fielding has gone beyond the usual departmental and apartmental trade-off, moving into Bowers’ role as Faculty Fellow, too.
  • Peter Stabel, Ph.D., will serve as Faculty Fellow in Gregory College House. A postdoc in medieval history at the University of Ghent in Belgium, he will be here this year as Breughel Professor of Dutch Culture.

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Originally published on September 16, 1999