Movie faves

Its shake, rattle and scream at your nearest movie theater, these days. The zeitgeist on campus is clearly in favor of getting goosebumps and feeling heart thumps. But not superduper scary, and not motion-sickness nauseating, because The Sixth Sense beat Blair Witch hands down.

  • Elizabeth Martin, Social Work, Masters
    The Mummy. I really liked the special effects, and of course Brendan Fraser was a big plus.

Donald Sohn, College 02
I was most disappointed with The Blair Witch Project. It just didnt live up to all the hype. It wasnt all that scary. I guess my favorite would be South Park. Its childish humor, but I liked it. It was probably the most amusing.

Jason Ebert, College 01
The Sixth Sense. It spooked me out. Thats a movie everyones got to see.

Brendon Taga, College 01
American Pie. Its high school. Everyone can relate to it. There was a father and son in the theater with me and the father was laughing more than the son.

Lisa McNeeley, College 02
South Park for its dry sense of humor.

Gaby Merkin, College 02
Tarzan. I thought it was the best Disney movie theyve made.

Dahlia Farago, College 02
The Sixth Sense. I thought it had the coolest ending. When you think about all the things that happened, its pretty cool.

John Weinstock, Engineering 00
The Sixth Sense because the ending was unexpected. It really kind of came out of nowhere.

Glenn Osten Anderson, College 02
Cruel Intentions. It was very well acted. Star Wars [Episode 1: The Phantom Menace] was good too -- I liked it better than the previous ones.

Andrew Anderson, Engineering, Masters
It had better be Star Wars, because I stayed up all night to see it. I had to work that evening, so I stayed up to see the 1 oclock show. So I was up until 3, and then I had to be at work again the next morning.

Matthew Simon, College 02
The Sixth Sense. It was a fantastic movie. I liked the suspense, the premise -- and that it was filmed here in Philadelphia. I got to see some places Ive been to.

Stacey Wood, College 03
I liked Blair Witch, but I guess my favorite was The Sixth Sense, because it had a very surprising plot. And I got to see where it was filmed. And that little boy -- he was an awesome actor. He should win an Oscar.

Kissa McRae, Big Sisters of Philadelphia volunteer
The Wood. It made me reminisce about being in school, mostly middle school. Its a really good movie.

-- Grace Enriquez & Sandy Smith

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Originally published on September 30, 1999