Penn p.m. picks

What sorts of events would pack the house for Penn p.m., the campus alternative to tying one on? It seems that bright lights, big city scored well with the people we talked to. So did outdoor movies, but as the weather’s getting colder, ice skating may be more appropriate. In the meantime, let us note that our respondents subscribe to much the same axiom as we do: Serve free food, and we will come.

  • Erica Fruiterman, College, Class of ’01
    "Well, I’d try to get people into the city more. I’ve met juniors who don’t know the city, don’t know how to get around the city, and I think it’s sad. This city has so much to offer."

  • Marni Zack, College, Class of ’03
    "Maybe ice skating, and free food is always good."

  • Erik Lu, College, Class of ’03
    "Video night, like video movie night. They’re doing karaoke tonight, too, and it should be good. Maybe also more language tables, like people coming together to talk about a shared interest."

  • Teresa Zien, Wharton, Class of ’00
    "A movie at the Cinemagic or a big auditorium, like at Annenberg."

  • Jason Feldman, Engineering, Class of ’02
    "I’d be interested in Penn volleyball or hockey games with giveaways. Or ice skating."

  • Qi Cao, Engineering, Class of ’02
    "I like the movie on College Green idea. I’d also be interested in ice skating or a night out on the town."

  • Sara Braunstein, College, Class of ’00
    "I think an on-campus event like ‘A Taste of Philadelphia’ with a sampling of different cuisines would be fun."

  • Sunny Wong, Engineering, Class of ’03
    "Ice skating, ice cream socials or dinners."

  • Adam Harris, College, Class of ’00
    "I like the big-screen movies in the Quad."

  • Shahab Rashid, College, Class of ’02
    "A trip to Six Flags, or more trips to King of Prussia or things like that."

  • Elizabeth Rode, College, Class of ’01
    "I’d like to see events out in the city away from campus."

  • Kim Phan, College, Class of ’01
    "If they could have a day of sporting events, that could be so much fun. Anything with free food people would love."

  • Paul Falcigno, College, Class of ’02
    "I like stuff like the concerts. Movies would be cool on the green."

- Katie Alex, Grace Enriquez and Laura Spadanuta

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Originally published on October 14, 1999