First lessons

They came full of anticipation and excitement, not knowing what to expect from college life. But our respondents from the Class of 2003 have already learned plenty in the two months theyve been on campus. Most of it, though, isnt what their professors have told them. Some have found the local cuisine difficult to swallow. Others had to adjust to the climate and the demands of course work. And then there were those who seized the opportunity to meet new friends and expand their horizons.

square.gifAmanda Jones, College 03
Dont get into econ three weeks into the start of the semester!

square.gifCaroline Aiello, College 03
Ive learned the art of smuggling whole meals out of Stouffer.

square.gifTheresia Laksmana 03
If you are a West Coaster, nothing can prepare you for the cold.

square.gifKeke Zhao, College 03
Ive learned how to fall asleep even with my roommate snoring really loudly.

square.gifYoung Lee, College 03
There aint no Southern food in Philadelphia.

square.gifAndrea Houston 03
Study everything in the textbook despite what the professor says. The library isnt necessarily a better place to study -- theyre noisy in there. And if I dont watch my eating, I will gain weight!

square.gifKun Hsu, Wharton 03
I learned how to read. . . a lot of books!

square.gifChris Suh, College 03
Dont eat the food here.

square.gifTamas Gal, College 03
Homesickness sucks. Theres too much homework here, way too much. And never eat hamburgers here.

square.gifRyan Harwood, Wharton 03
How to be on my own. How to do my own laundry.

square.gifSuzanne Friedman, College 03
I have learned that there are so many people out there that could potentially be my friend. I feel its almost a challenge to meet them all and discover to which ones I can relate.

square.gifGreta Pane, College 03
I have learned two-and-a-half Japanese alphabets.

square.gifPatrick Herald, College 03
The importance of personal responsibility. Thats probably the biggest thing Ive learned.

square.gifFotini Xydas, College 03
I learned how to live away from home.

square.gifJennifer Valentine, College 03
College isnt what I expected it to be. Its not all fun and games. Definitely not.

square.gifMisha Deshmukh,Wharton 03
I learned how to do my own laundry.

-- Katie Alex, Grace Enriquez and Laura Spadanuta

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Originally published on October 28, 1999