The world turned upside down

It took a little effort, but Harcum College freshman Chrisnie Grobler (center) did find her homeland of South Africa on this map of the world. And if the people around her — (left to right) third-year School of Medicine student Kareem Zaghlool, University of Scranton junior Anthony Zamcho and Engineering doctoral student Kai Hynna — look bemused, that’s understandable: The map shows the world as someone from Sydney might view it. Judging from the map, none of the nearly 800 students from 34 colleges and universities who attended the University of Pennsylvania Museum’s annual welcoming reception for international students Oct. 22 came from Down Under, but most of the rest of the world was well-represented. (For the record, Zaghlool is Egyptian, Zamcho hails from Cameroon and Hynna is a Canadian of Finnish origin.) The annual event is sponsored by the Museum’s International Classroom, which provides programs on different cultures and countries and speakers from around the world to students of all ages, from kindergarteners to senior citizens.

Photo by Dan Burke


Originally published on November 11, 1999