So, how’s the chow?

Over the summer, Penn hired Bon Appétit to manage its dining-hall kitchens. The company has a reputation for quality and creativity in food service, and Café Bon Appétit in International House leads us to believe that they deserve it. But do the people who eat their fare every day agree? Many did but what some considered pluses, others considered minuses.

square.gif Glen Luk, Wharton/Engineering 01
The foods pretty much the same. Ive heard theyve increased some features such as using your declining balance[meal-plan] to eat on weekends. I think overall its a little better. Theyre trying to keep service up.

square.gifJohn Baker, Wharton 00
This years food is better than it was last year because its a lot fancier. This year we have ginger chicken and salmon with orange sauce, while last year wed have chicken nuggets or fried fish with tartar sauce. They have a larger variety this year too.

square.gifKhurshid Zaynutdinov, Wharton 01
Its a little bit better. Politeness didnt change; they have some attitude problems. The food got a little better. Im not tired of it yet.

square.gifAndy Kish, College 01
I think Dining has gotten worse this year. The food is less original, Hill is often chaotic and crowded with the new renovations, and the new cereal dispensers are an abomination.

square.gifDamian Werts, College 01
Most of the changes have been cosmetic. However, there have been real improvements at Hill dining.

square.gifArthur R. daSilva, Wharton 01
There are many improvements, especially regarding taste. But there are some organizational problems.

square.gifLaura Donnell, College 01
It seems like theres fresher produce, maybe more variety. It seems a little bit more health conscious.

square.gifGinny Bloom, College 00
Less toppings in the salad bar and less toppings in the frozen yogurt place. They show the calorie counts and fat grams now.

square.gifWinston Pear, College 02
The Express meals are better and there is a wider variety of options. However, the dine-in meals have been worse. I am especially disappointed with weekend brunch.

square.gifJane Hill, College 00
Yes, I have noticed changes. Better food, but less selections. There is more food made to order, but that leads to longer lines.

square.gifLily Ng, Wharton 00
Pastas are cooked in smaller portions so they remain fresher. More specialty salads, desserts, etc.; just a wider variety. However, fish and vegetarian dishes have worsened. Also, Hill house is far better than Kings Court.

Katie Alex, Grace Enriquez and Laura Spadanuta


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Originally published on November 11, 1999