M-word break

The winter break of the so-called millennium is fast approaching (aaargh, we mentioned it), and some of you have noticed and made some pretty wild plans. But only a few of you seem really worried about just another calendar date. Far more scary and far less airy is the prospect of final exams. Pass or die. And then go home and recover.

square.gif Adam McCabe, Engineering 99
Im Snoop Doggy Dogg trying to get a jobby job, and for New Years Im taking a cruise.

square.gifJessica Chao, Nursing 02
Im gonna go home and play with my brothers; theyre 6 and 12. Im going to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.

square.gifKevin Dougherty, College 00
Since Im convinced the world is going to end, I talked some of my friends into going to Amsterdam and London with me over the break. Were arriving in London on the 31st just in time to join in the millennium madness in Trafalgar Square. Its kind of exciting to think that I will be experiencing 2000 before everyone here at least for a few hours.

square.gifJosh Davis, College 01
Nothing big. Im going abroad next semester, so Ill be getting ready for that. I dont have plans for the millennium yet.

square.gifLili Grunwald, College 01
Im going to Mexico for a week of swing dancing there. Im also going to Florida too. Im having a good winter break!

square.gifGenevieve Rivera, Nursing 02
Im going home. Hopefully Ill catch up on some much needed sleep.

square.gifWesley Fung, College Õ02
Im going home to L.A. to spend time with my family, maybe go skiing with them or something.

square.gifDavid McCarthy, Wharton Ph.D.
Im going home to South Africa, to lie in the sun next to the pool and read a few good books. I will be celebrating the millennium at my sisters new house with my niece and the rest of my family, including our dogs. I will return well rested and with a tan.

square.gifJohn Baker, Wharton 00
When Im not partying like its 1999, Im going to decide whether I should work for Goldman, McKinsey, Chase, Merrill Lynch, or McDonalds.

square.gifMichelle Henry, College 01
Im going home to work.

square.gifEric Mandel, College 03
Im flying all the way back to Portland, Ore. Im also flying in on my sisters birthday, so itll be an extra surprise present for her.

square.gifEthan Kay, Wharton 03
Im going to Israel with Hillel. Im very excited because itll be my first trip to that part of the world.

square.gifElizabeth Martin, Social Work Masters
I cant even think past Thanksgiving break yet.

Katie Alex, Grace Enriquez and Laura Spadanuta


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Originally published on December 2, 1999