Retail raves and requests

The campus retail mix is intended to provide students with stores they like and want. Has it succeeded? Most of you say yes. But that doesnt mean everything is perfect. Several students identified stores theyd still like to see and a couple of freshmen were surprised when our reporter told them the stores they wanted, like Foot Locker and Burger King, used to be on campus.

square.gifAric Chang, Wharton 01
Id like to see a toy store on campus. Maybe FAO Schwarz.

square.gifMarc Fenichel, College 03
My favorite store would have to be Dunkin Donuts. Eastern Mountain Sports is pretty cool. We could use a grocery store-type place.

square.gifMinsun Park, College/Wharton 02
I like the Urban Outfitters here. Id like to see Anthropologie its kind of like Urban Outfitters, Im not sure if they have it on the East Coast. [Hey, Minsun, its right in Center City and both stores are run by the same outfit.] I wish there was a better juice place.

square.gifMatt Dawson, Wharton 01
Id say Barnes and Nobles. I love to read. Its a good place to look at girls. Im sure my girlfriend would love to hear that.

square.gifDavid Barclay, Wharton 03
I want a Taco Bell on campus.

square.gifChristy Bennett, Wharton 03
The Gap is my favorite store here. And Id like to see a different shoe store than Steve Madden something like Foot Locker.

square.gifChrissy Book, College 03
I like University of Cards. An Old Navy would be nice.

square.gifKate Healy, Nursing 03
I bought my cool hat at Urban Outfitters. I wish they had a Pacific Sunwear here cause they have cute T-shirts.

square.gifEmily Power, Nursing 03
I like Steve Madden, but Urban Outfitters is probably my favorite. And we need a Burger King on this campus.

square.gifDolores Pizarro, College 03
The Penn Bookstores got almost everything you need. But we need a well-stocked deli here with candy so I can make Gummi Bear runs.

square.gifBrady Beale, Veterinary VMD
Barnes and Noble. I love to study here.

square.gifAlona Flessig, Wharton 00
The [Penn] bookstore. Theres a lot of things you can get here.

square.gifKarthit Bezawada, Wharton MBA
I havent seen much else, so Id have to say this store [the Penn bookstore]. I like the ambiance and the coffee.

square.gifJonathan Church, College 00
The [Penn] bookstore just cause I like books.

Katie Alex, Grace Enriquez and Laura Spadanuta


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Originally published on January 20, 2000