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Its about time for Penns Commencement planners to pick a speaker for the annual May ceremony. We thought wed help the process along by asking this years graduates who they think would make a great Commencement speaker. While theres no clear consensus choice, it appears that many students admire political leaders. And there are a few key qualities the students are looking for chief among them the ability to deliver an entertaining speech.

square.gifJulian Millikan, Wharton/Engineering 00
A well-known personality who can deliver a message appropriate for the occasion and do so in an entertaining fashion. Bob Costas, perhaps?

square.gifFrank Swietnicki, College 00
Steve Jobs would be ideal for a speaker.

square.gifVicky Sin, College 00
I hope the speaker will be one noted for his/her compassion. College life should have taught us to be compassionate people. If not, well, we need someone to remind us.

square.gifMark Sullivan, Engineering 00
Last year they had Robert Rubin - Secretary of the Interior, I think. Not only did he talk in a monotone, but he was not entertaining or humorous at all. My choices would include Rosie ODonnell, Rush Limbaugh, Katie Couric, Dennis Miller, and Ed Rendell.

square.gifClarissa Fesler, College 00
I think that Jeff Bezos [ CEO] would be a good commencement speaker.

square.gifLeigh Gardner, College 00, GSE 01
Ideally, I would like to see Ed Rendell. Hes a Penn alum and is amazingly successful. He turned Philadelphia completely around over the years. That, and he makes trips up to Brown to see the mens b-ball games.

square.gifBrett Weinheimer, Wharton 00
Bob Dole.

square.gifMatt Robusto, Engineering 00
Adam Sandler.

square.gifSara Kutney, College 00
Bill Bradley.

square.gifHorace Leung, Wharton 00
I think the Dalai Lama was at Emory a few years back. ... Hed be cool to have here.

square.gifMichelle Ofner, College 00
Hillary Clinton, especially with the upcoming Senate campaign and all.

square.gifJohn Yu, Engineering 00
A previous president of Penn. He could talk about the changes at the school.

square.gifWilliam Wang, College 00
Pretty much any celebrity.

square.gifStacy Cook, College 00
Madeline Albright.

square.gifCecilia Chan, Wharton 00
Colin Powell hes a strong leader.

Katie Alex


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Originally published on March 2, 2000