Fling bands

This year’s Spring Fling organizers decided they could please all the people all the time, or at least they’d try.

That’s no mean feat, judging from the range of responses we got when we asked students — before the organizers announced their picks — who they thought should headline Spring Fling. Marilyn Manson to Boyz to Men seemed to us like a gap never to be bridged.

Imagine how impressed we were, then, with the pairing of alt-rockers Ben Folds Five and hip-hop artists the Roots. Brilliant. Solomonic. It’s a pair of choices that should satisfy just about everyone on campus.

We know from our mini-survey it will certainly satisfy Asher Hawkins (C’03). So look for him in the audience. He picked the Roots as his preferred headliner in our preannouncement survey.

Alexis Zimbalist, College ’03
“Dave Matthews. . . or Madonna. She’d be the best thing that ever happened to me. And maybe G-Love as one of the other bands, but not the headliner.”

James Kim, Wharton ’01
“It’d be really cool to bring Boyz 2 Men back [to Philly].”

Michelle Henry, College ’01
“Tool. If not them, Marilyn Manson.”

Ryan Schmidt, College ’03
“I’ve gotta say Foo Fighters.”

Eric Lupfer, College ’02
“I heard a rumor that Third Eye Blind was coming. . . they’d be cool.”

Alexandra Cambouris, College ’03
“At the risk of sounding too generic, I’d like to see Dave Matthews.”

Jill Belli, College ’02
“Chicago or Erykah Badu.”

Asher Hawkins, College ’03
“The Roots.”

Jason Tung, Engineering ’03
“Anyone that’s good. . . maybe DMX.”

Kate Sheehan, Nursing ’00
“Macy Gray or Rusted Root.”

Stephanie Lictor, College ’02
“I haven’t really given it much thought. . . I guess I wouldn’t really care.”

David Danish, Wharton ’00
“Santana. . . and Rob Thomas, of course! I think they’d please a lot of people.”

Jason Hsi, College ’02
“Boyz 2 Men.”

Betsy Tumpak, College ’01
“Bruce Springsteen.”

Jack Galuchie, College ’02
“Limp Bizkit. . . or Phish.”

—Katie Alex

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Originally published on March 23, 2000