Current gets gold medals

The judges liked our concept— that we had expected. But we hadn’t expected to beat the magazine writers at their own game.

Along with a Gold Medal for Internal Audience Periodicals in this year’s CASE Circle of Excellence Awards, Pennsylvania Current won a Gold Medal for Periodical Staff Writing, a category dominated by glossy magazines such as co-winner Tulanian of Tulane University.

“We were thrilled that our writing outshined the 4,000-word stories in the more heavily financed magazines,” said Editor Libby Rosof.

In the Internal Audience Periodicals category, the Current was one of seven gold medalists; it shared top honors for weekly or biweekly two-color tabloids with SUNY-Binghamton’s Inside Binghamton University. A complete list of winners will appear on the CASE Web site ( in June.


Originally published on April 20, 2000