Academic All-Ivies


For academic excellence paired with superior athleticism, the following studients were recognized by the Ivy League. Top row: Diana Caramanico (’01), basketball; Michael O’Connor (’00), soccer; Leah Bills (’00), field hockey; and Kenneth Goh (’02), swimming. Bottom row: Kellianne Toland (’01), soccer; Henry Chen (’01), soccer; Katie Patrick (’00), squash; and Cathy Holland (’01), swimming. Not pictured: David Cohen (’01), fencing; Brian Cosmello (’00), football; Mike Fickell (’01), wrestling; Maureen Flynn (’00), field hockey; Michael Germino (’99), football; Deane Kocivar-Norbury (’00), soccer; Matt Pagliasotti (’00), track and field; Kristi C. Potter (’00), volleyball; David Sherman (’00), sprint football; Rick Springman (’01), wrestling; Kirby Thorpe (’00), gymnastics; Mandy West (’00), basketball.




Originally published on April 20, 2000