How we’ll spend our summer “vacations”

Summers here, which means its time to take it easy. Yeah, right. Most of the students we collared on the Walk and in the dining halls had working vacations already lined up for this summer, and a few who didnt were so embarrassed that they didnt want us to use their answers. We did manage, though, to find a few people who plan to get some recreation and relaxation this summer.

square.gifReah Johnson, College 00
Im going to become a Latin American nomad and build myself a bungalow, preferably off the coast of Uruguay.

square.gifSara Shenkan, College 00
Im going to look into my crystal ball and read tarot cards and see what my future holds.

square.gifTarun Pall, Engineering 01
I have a summer job an internship in Seattle. Im a computer science major, so its got a lot to do with software design. But I cant tell you the company name.

square.gifTina Saha, College/Engineering 01
Im also working, but here on campus rather than in exotic places like Seattle. Im continuing a job at Penn Law School and finishing up an incomplete. And Ive got A/C for the summer.

square.gifEmily Bereskin, College 03
Working at an art gallery in Salt Lake City and backpacking in Utah.

square.gifGunjan Kamdar, College 01
Im working at the Philadelphia Tuberculosis Control Clinic. Im going to help set up programs for minority people in terms of prevention, stuff like that.

square.gifChristina Lee, College 01
Ive got two jobs so far. Ill be an emergency medical technician for an ambulance company in Northeast Philadelphia, and Im working in a day-care center for kids who are infected, or affected, by AIDS.

square.gifRamin Moffarian, Wharton 01
Ill be working in L.A. as a summer analyst in investment banking with Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette.

square.gifJessica Rodriguez, College 03
Im probably going to work in a Bible camp for kids.

square.gifUgonna Omyekwe, Wharton 03
Ill be in summer school, basically. I guess Ill also be playing on some of the [summer] basketball leagues.

square.gifCeline Thompson, College 02
Im participating in a summer research program [the McNair Scholars Program] part of the summer, and Im also working here at Penn.

square.gifMike Mullen, College 02
Ill be working here, doing research with Professor [Ted] Abel of the [Biology] Department, learning and memory research. Itll be fun.

Katie Alex and Sandy Smith


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Originally published on May 18, 2000