Penn’s Dennis Culhane to Address White House Conference on Use of Integrated Data

Dennis Culhane, a researcher at the School of Social Policy & Practice, will talk about how integrated administrative data might serve as a new way to build credible evidence that shows “what works” in funding social programs.

Penn Student Jesús Pérez’s Challenging Feat Inspires Himself and Others

After training for months and then running the equivalent of nearly six marathons in six consecutive days in the Atacama Desert in Chile, University of Pennsylvania student Jesús Pérez now feels empowered to tackle any challenge he encounters.

Researcher From Penn Will Discuss Higher Ed Disparities at U.S. Senate Hearing

Laura Perna, a professor in Penn GSE, will testify before a United States Senate Committee hearing, "The Role of States in Higher Education," on Thursday, July 24.

Penn Launches New Blended Learning Initiative to Expand Academic Access

A new summer program, the Blended Learning Initiative, welcomes 24 local high school students to Penn's campus for a three-week course that mixes online learning, classroom interaction and mentoring.

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  • Solving Society’s Greatest Energy Challenges

    Solving Society’s Greatest Energy Challenges

    When University sophomore Albert Xiao joined the first class of the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER), a dual-degree program in Penn Arts & Sciences and the S…

  • Penn Researchers Help Unearth Forgotten Egyptian Pharaoh

    Working in the ancient Egyptian city of Abydos over the winter break, a team of Penn archaeologists knew they had found something special. After excavating a series of chambers constructed of mud-brick—usually a sign of a common person’s tomb—they encountered a stone slab, and finally, a burial chamber lined with limestone.

  • Thinking Beyond Recycling

    An awareness campaign is highlighting the University’s efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, as well as encouraging students, faculty, and staff to think beyond recycling.

  • Penn’s Research Enterprise

    Penn’s Research Enterprise

    Vice Provost for Research Dawn A. Bonnell is responsible for facilitating Penn’s sprawling research enterprise, which consists of 12 schools, more than 165 multidisciplinary centers and institutes, and a fully incorporated health system.

  • Cultivating Knowledge

    Cultivating Knowledge

    A stone’s throw from bustling 38th Street, just off Hamilton Walk, lies a carefully curated green oasis, and nearby, a soaring glass-walled structure where plants from the exotic to the mundane are cared for and studied.

  • Expert Advice, Unbiased and Nonpartisan

    Expert Advice, Unbiased and Nonpartisan

    Lawmakers faced with decisions about the economic recovery, funding for schools, rising health care costs, and the housing market could benefit from a little bit of unbiased expert advice.

  • A Look Inside Penn’s Outdoor Spaces

    In Philadelphia—a city famed for its perpendicular streets and silver skyline—a step onto Penn’s campus can take visitors into a verdant, yet wildly urban setting.

  • Words of Wisdom

    Words of Wisdom

    The newest members of the Penn community have arrived on campus—and sophomores, juniors, and seniors have some sage advice for the freshmen: Find your passion and leave room to explore.

  • Video Game Helps Identify Brain Cell

    Video Game Helps Identify Brain Cell

    A research team led by Penn psychology professor Michael Kahana used a video game to help identify a new brain cell involved in navigation. Participants in the study rode a virtual bike to find hidden objects while implanted electrodes monitored their brain activity.

  • Move-In Day for Class of 2017

    Move-In Day for Class of 2017

    On Aug. 22, under threat of rain, more than 2,400 freshmen and their families began arriving on campus, unloading cars, pushing their wheeled cardboard boxes filled with bedding, clothes and other necessities.

Penn in the news

Control: Why We Get Sucked Into Insanity (and Other Intense Workout Programs) July 23, 2014 | WBUR Radio (Boston)

Keisha Cutright of the Wharton School is cited for a collaborative study about using products that require hard work in hopes of gaining personal positive results.

Forward Thinking HBCU Presidents: Beverly Daniel Tatum July 23, 2014 | HBCU Lifestyle

Marybeth Gasman and doctoral student Felecia Commodore of the Graduate School of Education profile significant presidents of historic black colleges and universities such as Beverly Daniel Tatum of Spelman College.

Video: Rising Rents Impact Homeownership July 22, 2014 | CNBC

Susan Wachter of the Wharton School discusses how rising rents might affect first-time homebuyers.

Attack of the Chicago Climate Change Maggots July 23, 2014 | Washington Post

Erwann Michel-Kerjan of the Wharton School poses the questions, “Why does it seem more and more disasters are happening? And, as a nation, who’s supposed to pay for them?”

Climbing China’s Corruption Ladder July 23, 2014 | Wall Street Journal

Hanming Fang of the School of Arts & Sciences is cited for co-authoring a working paper about corruption in China’s housing sector.

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