Report to Congress: Penn Researchers Find Homelessness Is Declining

A team of researchers from the School of Social Policy & Practice contributed to the 2014 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report, which says homelessness across the U.S. continues to decline.

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  • Penn’s Climate Action Plan: Creating a Culture of Sustainability

    Penn’s Climate Action Plan: Creating a Culture of Sustainability

    Five years after releasing its original Climate Action Plan, the University of Pennsylvania has demonstrated wide-ranging accomplishments in integrating sustainability into coursework as well as campus planning, design and operations.

  • PIK Prof Chris Murray: From Industry to Ivy League

    PIK Prof Chris Murray: From Industry to Ivy League

    For Christopher B. Murray, the promise of major investments in nanoscale science and technology—including a commitment to build what is now the world-class Krishna P.

  • PIK Prof Robert Ghrist: The Power of Online Learning

    PIK Prof Robert Ghrist: The Power of Online Learning

    A revolution in online learning, “Calculus: Single Variable,” Robert Ghrist’s popular Coursera course, contains 16 hours of hand-drawn video, and has attracted more than 13…

  • Network Visualization Program fuses Science and Art

    Network Visualization Program Fuses Science and Art

    Science and art are often perceived to be at opposite ends of the academic spectrum. But Danielle Bassett, a 2014  MacArthur Fellow, believes the two disciplines can inform each other in tangible ways.

  • Solving Society’s Greatest Energy Challenges

    Solving Society’s Greatest Energy Challenges

    When University sophomore Albert Xiao joined the first class of the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER), a dual-degree program in Penn Arts & Sciences and the S…

  • Penn Researchers Help Unearth Forgotten Egyptian Pharaoh

    Working in the ancient Egyptian city of Abydos over the winter break, a team of Penn archaeologists knew they had found something special. After excavating a series of chambers constructed of mud-brick—usually a sign of a common person’s tomb—they encountered a stone slab, and finally, a burial chamber lined with limestone.

  • Thinking Beyond Recycling

    An awareness campaign is highlighting the University’s efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, as well as encouraging students, faculty, and staff to think beyond recycling.

  • Penn’s Research Enterprise

    Penn’s Research Enterprise

    Vice Provost for Research Dawn A. Bonnell is responsible for facilitating Penn’s sprawling research enterprise, which consists of 12 schools, more than 165 multidisciplinary centers and institutes, and a fully incorporated health system.

  • Cultivating Knowledge

    Cultivating Knowledge

    A stone’s throw from bustling 38th Street, just off Hamilton Walk, lies a carefully curated green oasis, and nearby, a soaring glass-walled structure where plants from the exotic to the mundane are cared for and studied.

  • Expert Advice, Unbiased and Nonpartisan

    Expert Advice, Unbiased and Nonpartisan

    Lawmakers faced with decisions about the economic recovery, funding for schools, rising health care costs, and the housing market could benefit from a little bit of unbiased expert advice.

Penn in the news

The U.S. Military Mission Against Ebola October 30, 2014 | Wall Street Journal

Jonathan Moreno of the Perelman School of Medicine and the School of Arts & Sciences co-authors an op-ed about the military medical system in the wake of the Ebola outbreak.

Howard University Gives Its Janitors a Crack at the Middle Class. Now, That Could Change. October 30, 2014 | Washington Post

Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education says, “African Americans typically have high expectations of HBCUs as these institutions have worked hand and hand with black communities –- both supporting each other.”

Tax Increases Up to 90 Percent Best Move for All Americans October 23, 2014 | JD Journal

Dirk Krueger of the School of Arts & Sciences is cited for co-authoring a new working paper on increasing tax rates for the richest Americans.

Audio: Why Homeownership Isn’t Catching Up With the Rest of the Economy October 30, 2014 | “On Point with Tom Ashbrook,” National Public Radio

Susan Wachter of the Wharton School discusses low home ownership rates.

Obamacare Faces New Threat as Supreme Court Weighs Appeal October 30, 2014 | Bloomberg News

Theodore Ruger of the Law School comments on the Supreme Court weighing an appeal of the Affordable Care Act.

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