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Where the Jobs Are: The New Blue Collar October 1, 2014 | USA Today

Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School discusses online application systems and employers’ creative ways to hire and train employees.

Harvard-MIT Partnership Opens MOOCs for High Schoolers September 23, 2014 | Education Week

Laura Perna of the Graduate School of Education comments on supporting students while they use online learning tools.

The Odds, Continually Updated September 29, 2014 | New York Times

Uri Simonsohn of the School of Arts & Sciences and the Wharton School is cited for reporting on common statistical shenanigans.

India’s Modi Comes Full Circle at Madison Square Garden September 28, 2014 | Time

Devesh Kapur of the School of Arts & Sciences shares his thoughts on India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to the United States.

Context Matters When Ranking Colleges September 29, 2014 |

Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education writes about the importance of context when ranking colleges.