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A team from the University of Pennsylvania has been named the winner of the fall 2014 Philadelphia Public Policy Case Competition hosted by the City of Philadelphia. The winning team, Elizabeth Farwell and Alounso Gilzene, are both students in Penn’s Graduate School of Education.
PHILADELPHIA –- At the seven University of Pennsylvania polling places where many Penn students voted in yesterday’s presidential election, the clear winner was President Obama.  The margin was 2,844 votes, or 79 percent, for Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden and 746 votes, or 21 percent, for Mitt Romney and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan. 
PHILADELPHIA – Events on the University of Pennsylvania campus on Sept. 17 and 19 will honor the nation’s constitution.  Sept. 17 is Constitution Day.
PHILADELPHIA — As the world’s accessible oil reserves dwindle, natural gas has become an increasing important energy source. The primary component of natural gas is methane, which has the advantage of releasing less carbon dioxide when it’s burned than do many other hydrocarbon fuels. But because of the very stable structure of the methane molecule, it can be difficult to access the energy stored within.
PHILADELPHIA -- Providing health care for children through doctor visits and hospitals is important, but there are also other activities that can help youngsters develop into healthy adults.That is the thinking behind the Special Babies Clinic and its Special Trips for Special Babies program.
PHILADELPHIA — It’s official: the spring 2012 Friars Senior Society inductees have arrived and are being welcomed by their new Friars family. It has been part of life at the University of Pennsylvania for 111 years. Now, between the suspense of being tapped, attending Friarside coffee houses and making new friends, three of the newly initiated Friars, Joey Wallerstein, Sharree Walls and Ruthie Gold, say they are proud of the rich legacy they are joining as rising seniors.
PHILADELPHIA — It’s all there: 14, 000 cubic feet of paper records and 35,000 images, photographs, drawings and prints, tucked away in the University Archives and Records Center and telling stories of more than two-and-a-half centuries at the University of Pennsylvania. Guardianship of that historical treasure has fallen for more than 20 years to Mark Frazier Lloyd.