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Syria’s Great Mosque of Aleppo, or Umayyad Mosque, was built in the eighth century in the Ancient City of Aleppo, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Sacked by fire, conquerors, and earthquakes, the Great Mosque was rebuilt several times, and is believed by some Muslims to contain the remains of the Prophet Zakariya, father of the Prophet Yahya, whom Christians call John the Baptist.
A dash of Picasso, a dose of William Blake, a formative boyhood in the Bronx, and a never-ending imagination stirred with artistic vigor formed William Steig, one of the 20th century’s most acclaimed cartoonists and children’s book authors.
The Philadelphia Eagles called Penn’s Franklin Field home for 13 seasons from 1958-70, after moving from the former Connie Mack Stadium at 24th and Lehigh. Their first win at Franklin Field was a 27-24 defeat of the New York Giants on Oct. 5, 1958. In the second quarter, Hall of Fame quarterback Norm Van Brocklin connected with Hall of Fame wide receiver Tommy McDonald for a 91-yard score.
It’s noisy out there—with alarms rousing and TVs blaring, cars honking and SEPTA trains roaring, dogs barking and jackhammers destroying, motorcycles gunning and airplanes soaring, sirens sounding and strangers shouting, it can all be astounding. Give your ears a break. Too much noise is bad for your health. The ears do not sleep. Like watchmen (or watchwomen), they are on high alert, 24/7, eavesdropping on surroundings, searching for any sound signaling danger. One of their tormentors is noise, which can panic the body like stress.
In the mid-1970s, Arthur E. Humphrey, dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), posed a very basic question to the SEAS Board of Overseers: What should be the future of a modest-size engineering school on an Ivy League liberal arts campus?
In their November letter to the Models of Excellence Committee nominating their manager, Silvana Burgese, for the Model Supervisor Award, members of the Faculty Support S
Once upon a time, Katie Huber was skeptical of group exercise classes. Before signing up for a BODYPUMP class in her early 20s, she says she wasn’t quite convinced that the classes would give her the strenuous, endorphin-filled workout she favored.
America touts its business bona fides by trumpeting companies like Apple, Microsoft, GE, IBM, and Google, which are among the most admired, successful, and innovative corporations in the world. Although they have grown into large, multinational conglomerates, each was born right here in the United States.
Faculty and staff at Penn live complex lives that involve multifaceted personal responsibilities and complicated professional demands. In recognition of these complexities, the Division of Human Resources (HR) provides Flexible Work Options (FWO) guidelines for designing successful flexible work arrangements. These can help employees better manage their competing work and life commitments while positively impacting organizational goals.