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Daniel Wagner has crisscrossed the globe, racking up frequent flyer miles exchanging ideas on educational development and sustainability with an impact on universal education. 
Abdul-Hakim Muhammad As-Salafee has traveled a non-traditional path from working in the Philadelphia Prison System to the University of Pennsylvania. 
This summer, three undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania are studying the best ways to research and promote effective charitable giving. 
The School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania may become another element in the Botswana-UPenn Partnership. 
Shruti Bhat, a student at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, is spending the summer along the northeastern border of Afghanistan, helping to establish an educational curriculum for early childhood learners who need to make the transition from one language to another. 
This summer, two undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania are examining crimes throughout history and how those events resulted in controversial legislative changes. 
When Micaela Wensjoe headed to Kenya for the summer, she was focused on what she had to learn as part of an internship. But now that she is there, she has also developed an interest in helping orphans.  Wensjoe, a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, is blogging about all of it. 
Ever since she was a 6-year-old living in the Philippines, University of Pennsylvania student Mary Encabo knew that she wanted to be a teacher.  While she had a strong sense that she had to teach the world something, she didn’t know exactly what that something was at the time. 
WHO & WHAT:         The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice will host the closing ceremonies for students completing its Pipeline for Promise program, which offers underserved students from local community colleges a free course during the summer months.  
At the University of Pennsylvania, Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher is a matchmaker of sorts.