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The Division of Human Resource’s (HR) “Be in the Know” campaign is a program designed to give Penn faculty and staff better insight into their health status—as well as a $100 incentive, less applicable payroll taxes.
As the upcoming fall semester approaches, the University will begin rolling out PennCards with an updated design—the first new look for the PennCard since 2003. The redesign, however, is more than just aesthetic. The new PennCards will feature “contactless” technology—an embedded chip and antenna that will allow users to tap or hold their card within inches of card readers to gain access to University buildings and amenities.
In 1987, the Philadelphia Daily News published an article about Eric Franklin, an ambitious young man who, in spite of being homeless for most of his life, was preparing to attend college.
DIY 2.0: Do-it-yourself culture has evolved to include a lot more than the needlework and canned vegetables of yore. From personal 3D printers to build-your-own robot kits, the DIY landscape is quickly changing, and Debora Lui, a joint Ph.D.
In Susan Davidson’s opinion, computer science is an ideal field for anyone to shape a career.
Since 2010, the Penn Vet Working Dog Center has hosted an annual multi-day conference that provides the opportunity to learn from—and network with—leading experts in the working-dog field, including performance dog nutritionists, sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists, emergency specialists, and behaviorists and trainers.
Penn’s campus is a physical hub for some of the greatest minds in academia, from design, engineering, and humanities, to medicine, education, and business. To represent the University’s collective brainpower in the digital landscape, Penn Libraries manages ScholarlyCommons, an online repository for Penn’s intellectual output that allows curious readers from anywhere in the world to access the University’s groundbreaking research.
Produce like sun-ripened tomatoes, cool cucumbers, and tart cherries are as synonymous with summertime as long days and warm weather. Beginning this year, Penn faculty and staff will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the season’s freshest fruits and vegetables—and support local, environmentally friendly farmers—through the Delaware Valley Farm Share, an extension of sustainable food distributor Common Market. The deadline to sign up is Friday, May 30, and space is limited.
As students pack their bags and depart for the summer, the end of the academic year is the perfect opportunity for the Penn community to do some spring cleaning.
A SOCIAL PETRI DISH: Senior Elie Peltz is a firm believer in the power that comes from reframing personal, political, social, and religious narratives. Because of those strong convictions, he knew he wanted to study in a place as diverse yet tight-knit as Penn.