Penn Daily News Service | Sep 23, 2014

Penn in the News

Wall Street Journal — September 23, 2014

Olivia S. Mitchell of the Wharton School writes making the right choices when purchasing insurance.

Newsweek — September 23, 2014

Larry Rome of the School of Arts and Sciences and his work on developing smaller batteries that can be recharged by the human body are the subject of this article.

Wired — September 23, 2014

Mark Trodden of the School of Arts and Sciences is quoted on what the universe is made of.

Huffington Post — September 23, 2014

Ilene Rosen of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on the effect a partner has on one's sleep and health.

Audio: Michigan Public Radio — September 22, 2014

Richard Gelles of the School of Social Policy & Practice is interviewed about domestic violence in a full range of sports.



New Orleans Advocate — September 22, 2014

Adolph Reed of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses the specialties and realities of present-day New Orleans.

Noteworthy in Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education — September 23, 2014

The National Institutes of Health on Tuesday announced more than $10-million in grant supplements to bring gender balance to the subjects of medical lab work, its largest financial commitment to ending the research bias.

Inside Higher Ed — September 23, 2014

In conversations about international student recruitment in the United States, some things are taken as given: the decentralization of the landscape and the absence of a coordinated recruitment strategy at either the national or state level (save for some consortiums that are narrowly focused on marketing of a specific state), and the perceived difficulty of transitioning from student to permanent resident status if that’s what students desire.

Inside Higher Ed — September 23, 2014

Syracuse University plans to scale back its involvement in a scholarship program for public high school students, a decision that prompted scores of its Syracuse students to protest on Friday.



New York Times — September 22, 2014

After a series of high-profile episodes and calls from its student government for change, Wesleyan University has announced that its residential fraternities must all admit women as members and residents.




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