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Penn Spectrum celebrates diversity of University's alumni
Penn Spectrum
Penn students and alumni represent a tapestry of dynamic scholars from all over the world. From Oct. 1-3, the University will proudly host Penn Spectrum, its first-ever weekend-long alumni conference devoted to diversity and community.

60-Second LectureThe Penn Science Café, a monthly lecture series that beams science out of the lab and into one of University City's premier event spaces, begins on Wednesday, Sept. 22. For those with just a minute (or so) to spare, there is Penn's 60-Second Lecture series.

Bioethics vaccines
On Sept. 21, the Penn Center for Bioethics hosts "The Science, Ethics and Politics of Vaccine Mandates," a conference to address some of the questions surrounding vaccine requirements. Sponsors include The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

SP2 professor pens children's book on environmental impact
SP2 children's book
In her first children's book, "Sandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint," Femida Handy, a professor in the School of Social Policy & Practice who teaches courses on the economics of environmental issues, hopes to show the next generation that small choices can make a big difference in the environment.

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