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Employee tuition benefits are facing major tax change
Employee Tuition IncreaseEmployees planning to use their graduate tuition benefit this spring should be aware of an impending tax change that may affect their tax bills. In past years, the first $5,250 of an employee's graduate tuition benefit per calendar year was tax-free. But the entire benefit soon may be considered taxable income.

Get free help with electronic gadgets and computer programs
WIC Computer Help
The David B. Weigle Information Commons, located on the first floor of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, offers nearly 30 electronic and computer-assistance clinics each month for Penn students, faculty and staff. Many of the workshops focus on popular software programs such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe Photoshop.

Penn-Sayre partnership blossoms from civic awareness and hands-on civic action
Sayre High School

West Philadelphia's Sayre High School is an example of Penn's ongoing commitment to engaging locally. Established in 1996, the Penn-Sayre partnership created one of the first university-assisted community schools in the nation. Today, the partnership brings high school, college and graduate students together in one setting.

Connecting cell phones with medicine in Botswana
Botswana Cell Phone
Using what is known as mobile phone medicine, or telemedicine, clinicians across Botswana are consulting with medical specialists at Penn to get diagnoses and treatments for patients in rural areas quickly and easily. To date, the technology has been piloted in four specialties: dermatology, radiology, cervical cancer and oral medicine.

Fifty years ago this month, a junior U.S. Senator from Massachusetts became the youngest person ever elected to the presidency and the second-youngest to hold the job. Today, Kennedy remains one of the most beloved presidents in history. But why is he still so admired half a century after his election?

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