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Reviving the dead: Lance Becker and the Center for Resuscitation Science
Dr. Lance BeckerResearch at the Center for Resuscitation Science is dedicated to saving the lives of those who suffer a cardiac arrest, investigating everything from basic biochemical mechanisms to more effective ways of performing CPR. Experts at the Center operate in a "border zone" between life and death, says Center Director Lance Becker.

Author Rose George talks about health, sanitation and toilets at Penn Global Forum

Big Necessity
On Tuesday, Jan. 25, investigative journalist and author Rose George returns to Penn as guest speaker at the University's annual Global Forum. George is the author of "The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters," the Provost's selection for the 2010-2011 Penn Reading Project.

Penn FitPennFit programs offered by PennRec provide University faculty, students and staff with a PennCard educational and motivational activities designed to help individuals achieve their personal health, fitness and wellness goals. One of the programs, PennFit Results, is free.

PhillyPenn is one of the strongest economic engines in the city and state, generating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in spending and tax revenues, spurring innovative entrepreneurship and improving the welfare of the community. The University plays a significant role in keeping the economic pulse of the region sound.

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Diablo, a rookie member of the New Castle County, Del. police force, who was shot in the line of duty on Nov. 11, 2009, and treated at Penn's Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital.
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