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Snow day at school? Use Penn's Snow Day Child Care program
Snow Day

Some schools in the Philadelphia region can close hours before the first snowflake even touches the ground, but Penn very rarely shuts down due to inclement weather, leaving many parents or guardians scrambling to find a babysitter. The University offers a solution with the Division of Human Resources' Snow Day Child Care program. 

ENIAC Day to celebrate dedication of Penn's historic computer

A resolution introduced by Philadelphia City Councilman Bill Green, expected to pass today, will officially declare Feb. 15 as "ENIAC Day." The date marks the 65th anniversary of the historic computer's dedication at Penn. The computer was built to calculate ballistic trajectories for the Army during World War II.

Young Friends ProstitutionProstitution has often been dubbed "the oldest profession" for its seemingly persistent presence throughout human history. On Thursday, Feb. 17, the Young Friends of the Penn Museum present the secrets inside the little black book of prostitution in "Prostitution Ancient and Modern: A Tell-All Confession."

research experimentsAt research labs across Penn's campus, students, staff and faculty are participating in research experiments on human behavior, and making a little pocket money for their efforts.
Announcements recruiting volunteers are posted throughout the University, as well as on the Experiments@Penn website.

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Victor Mair, a professor of Chinese language and literature in the School of Arts and Sciences,  discusses European-looking mummies from the middle of Asia and other treasures from the Tarim Basin.
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