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February 23, 2012

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Wharton NFL

Wharton and the NFL are partnering to give elite high school athletes a leg up on how to handle business affairs. The NFL-Wharton Prep Leadership Program will provide high school athletes with leadership training and instruction from Wharton professors and NFL executives. Read more...      

Dan Lee

Penn Engineering's Daniel Lee is breaking new ground in designing autonomous robots and vehicles. Recently, he helped launch the University Transportation Center, a partnership between Penn and Carnegie Mellon University. Read more...     

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Leslie Laird Kruhly, secretary of the University, discusses her role working with Penn's Trustees and Overseers, how her office picks the Commencement speaker, and what it's like to carry the University Mace all the way down Locust Walk. Read more... 


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Asia Day
Penn welcomes high schoolers for Asia Day
Feb. 28 is Asia Day at Penn. One hundred and seventy high school students from six area high schools are expected to attend the one-day event, which is designed to increase students' interest in Asia and teach them about the world's largest continent. Read more... 
Penn IUR

Founded in 2004 as an umbrella organization to integrate the University's experts in urban issues, the Penn Institute for Urban Research aims to disseminate knowledge about managing the growth, problems, and design of urban environments. Read more... 

GSE Wharton

Med Ed helps teachers teach doctors     

The Graduate School of Education has teamed up with the Perelman School of Medicine on a collaborative program called Med Ed. Starting in August, the program will polish the teaching skills of those who are educating future physicians. Read more... 

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