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May 24, 2012

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Same Sex Tax

Beginning July 1, Penn will provide a tax offset of up to $125 per month, which will appear in paychecks as additional taxable income, for employees who are covering same-sex domestic partners under their University medical plans, up to a maximum of $1,500 per year. Read more...  

Libraries Blog

Penn Libraries has launched a new blog called Unique at Penn that helps uncover its stacks of buried gems and treasures. The blog allows internet users to easily engage with the undiscovered and under-discovered collections within the University's library system. Read more...     

Catch up with 


Rising sophomore Duong Ly discusses the Asian Student Association of Philadelphia, a youth-led organization he co-founded to create a space for Asian students to discuss politics and develop critical thinking and analytical skills about world events. Read more... 


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Penn prof finds gender pay gap among stockbrokers
Newly published research by Janice Madden, a professor of urban studies, regional science, sociology, and real estate at Penn, shows that female stockbrokers can earn up to 20 percent less than their male counterparts. Her study is the first to show that bias can affect performance-based pay. Read more... 
Nano Meso

A research team led by Ravi Radhakrishnan of the School of Engineering and Applied Science has helped improve nano drug delivery design. Recent advances in nanotechnology are allowing scientists to design microscopic devices with nearly atomic precision. Read more... 

P.M. Funk

Museum summer nights showcase world music 

P.M. @ Penn Museum Summer Nights are back for another season, offering the after-work crowd international music jams on Wednesday evenings, and happy hour refreshments to help them get over the midweek hump. The series kicks off with the sounds of Barakka on June 20. Read more... 

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