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July 19, 2012

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Tuition Benefit

Eligible faculty and staff can save thousands of dollars per year on dependent children's college tuition costs through a program administered by HR's Tuition Benefit Office. The program is open to dependent students attending Penn or another accredited college or university. Read more...  

Office Green

Penn's Green Office Certification is a four-tiered program of sustainability initiatives that campus offices can undertake to help the University reach its Climate Action Plan goals. Employees are encouraged to green their everyday work activities. Read more...     

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Penn Law Baseball

Hannah Gerstenblatt, a student at Penn Law School and an aspiring sports lawyer, discusses her summer internship in the Commissioner's Office of Major League Baseball with Penn Law's Office of Communications. Read more... 


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Fall course explores stem cell ethics, education
Jamie Shuda's Fall semester course, "Stem Cell Science in Schools: History, Ethics, and Education," will give undergraduates a better understanding of what stem cells are and how they apply to their lives, and help students more effectively communicate science. Read more... 
Noah Baboons

While a graduate student in the Department of Psychology, Noah Snyder-Mackler and  colleagues traveled to Ethiopia to study gelada monkeys. By careful observation and non-invasive genetic sampling, they pieced together details of the monkeys' social dynamics.  Read more... 


Printing 3D blood vessel networks out of sugar 

Bioengineers from Penn are using a 3D printer called a RepRap to make templates of blood vessel networks out of sugar. Once the networks are encased in a block of cells, the sugar can be dissolved, leaving a functional vascular network behind. Read more... 

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