Penn in the News

Newsworks — August 24, 2015

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology offerings related to the upcoming visit by the pope are highlighted.

CNBC — August 24, 2015


Jeremy Siegel of the Wharton School shares his predictions about the financial fourth quarter.

Philadelphia Business Journal — August 24, 2015


The Museum is highlighted for exhibiting ancient religious texts to mark the papal visit next month.

Washington Post — August 24, 2015


Kelly Allison of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on the effect of eating late at night or outside one’s typical sleep/wake cycle while on a diet.

New York Times — August 24, 2015


Shaun Harper of the Graduate School of Education is featured for co-authoring a study that reveals black students are suspended or expelled at higher rates than white students in 132 school districts in 13 southern states. — August 24, 2015


Jacqueline Hudak of the Perelman School of Medicine says, “I think it’s wonderful that we are getting more data points showing that there are physical changes that can happen in people as a result of fighting with their partners or family members.”

Guardian (U.K.) — August 23, 2015

Denis Kinane of the School of Dental Medicine is quoted on innovations in dental work.

Philadelphia Inquirer — August 23, 2015

Stephen Orlin of the Perelman School of Medicine is quoted on the importance of early diagnosis of eye conditions.

New York Times — August 23, 2015

Gary Hack of the School of Design comments on reduction of pedestrian walkways in cities.

Philadelphia Inquirer — August 23, 2015

The work of Rebecca G. Wells and Michael Pack of the Perelman School of Medicine is a major part of solving this health mystery.



Philadelphia Inquirer — August 23, 2015

Dean Vijay Kumar of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is featured.

LA Times — August 23, 2015

Richard Ingersoll of the Graduate School of Education and the School of Arts & Sciences comments on his work to determine how to better retain teachers.

New York Times — August 21, 2015

Robert Aronowitz of the School of Arts and Sciences authored an opinion piece on existing in a state of uncertainty when dealing with cancer.

New York Times — August 21, 2015

Research by of the Annenberg Public Policy Center is cited.

Philadelphia Inquirer — August 20, 2015

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Brian Sennett comments on staying well during the events surrounding the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia.

“Newsworks,” WHYY (Philadelphia) — August 20, 2015
Perelman School of Medicine's Philip Hanno and Jeanmarie Perrone are quoted on the approval process of a new drug.
Science — August 20, 2015
Justin Khoury of the School of Arts and Sciences uses the chameleon to define the study of hypothetical particles.
Vox — August 20, 2015
The Wharton School's Philip Tetlock is the subject of this article on his prediction project.
San Francisco Chronicle — August 20, 2015
David Hsu of the Wharton School comments on the business strategies of Google.
“The Diane Rehm Show” NPR — August 20, 2015
Stewart Friedman of the Wharton School discusses the changing culture in the modern workplace.