Penn in the News

Associated Press — June 13, 2006

Dean Richardson of the School of Veterinary Medicine says Barbaro is healing as planned.

Boston Herald — June 13, 2006

Jack Guttentag of Penn’s Wharton School authors an advice column on mortgages.

New York Times — June 11, 2006

Patricia Rose of Career Services discusses how students' personal online publishing can adversely affect employment prospects.

New York Times — June 9, 2006

Penn’s New Bolton Center is visited by the governor of Pennsylvania who announces a $13.5 million grant for expansion of the facilities.

Associated Press — June 9, 2006

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of Penn's Annenberg School for Communication says many times the public supports the troops but not the war.

National Public Radio — June 9, 2006

Julie Rosenthal, a May graduate of the School of Medicine, discusses her time as a medical student.

Philadelphia Business Journal — June 8, 2006

Penn’s New Bolton Center receives a $13.5 million donation from Governor Rendell.

San Francisco Chronicle — June 8, 2006

Nathaniel Persily of the Law School says the same-sex marriage debate was not a deciding factor in the 2004 elections.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 7, 2006

Ram Cnaan of the School of Social Policy and Practice is cited for his research concerning Catholic Latinos’ church attendance.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 6, 2006

President Amy Gutmann will to serve as a 2016 Summer Olympics group co-chair.

Knight Ridder News Service — June 6, 2006

Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine says multiple donor listing is unfair to both the recipient and the donor.

San Francisco Chronicle — June 6, 2006

Nathaniel Persily of the Law School comments on the debate surrounding same-sex marriage.

New York Times — June 4, 2006

Dean Lee Stetson of Admissions recommends that college applicants be meaningfully productive but not frenzied.

Los Angeles Times — June 4, 2006

Richard Cooper of the School of Medicine comments on the fallout surrounding America’s physician shortage.

Wall Street Journal — June 3, 2006

Brigitte Madrian of Penn’s Wharton School helps lead a research experiment on investments in mutual funds.

Associated Press — June 2, 2006

Dean Richardson of the School of Veterinary Medicine is profiled.

Washington Post — June 2, 2006

Elijah Anderson of the School of Arts and Sciences says issues surrounding some black males have widespread effects on all black males.

New Zealand Herald — June 1, 2006

Dean Richardson of the School of Veterinary Medicine says the probability of infection for Barbaro is lessening every day.

NPR — June 1, 2006

Howard Kunreuther of Penn’s Wharton School joins a discussion on Katrina’s effect on national insurance rates.

Wall Street Journal — June 1, 2006

Kenneth Shropshire of Penn’s Wharton School discusses sports marketing.