Penn in the News

New York Times — August 14, 2005
Michael Eric Dyson of the School of Arts and Sciences is profiled for his new book, "Is Bill Cosby Right? Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind?"
Los Angeles Times — August 13, 2005
Brian Strom of the School of Medicine highlights the need for stricter guidelines concerning Accutane prescription.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel — August 12, 2005
Eric Miller, a doctoral student in the School of Arts and Sciences, is cited for his involvement in the revival of storytelling.
Newsday — August 12, 2005
Andrew Metrick of Penn’s Wharton School comments on companies’ new strategy of automatic enrollment in 401k plans.
Associated Press — August 12, 2005
Lawrence Sherman of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses the genesis of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology.
Philadelphia Inquirer — August 11, 2005
The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology seeks ways to identify itself and promote its world-class work and collections.
New York Times — August 11, 2005
Penn’s Annenberg Public Policy Center is cited for its Web site that tracks the veracity of political ads.
NPR — August 11, 2005
Brooks Jackson of Penn's Annenberg Public Policy Center is among guests on "Talk of the Nation."
Wired — August 11, 2005
Kevin Werbach of Penn's Wharton School comments on FCC involvement with new monitoring rules on the Internet.
Knight Ridder News Service — August 11, 2005
Ingrid Schaffner, curator of the Institute of Contemporary Art, delves into the psychology of collecting.
Newsweek — August 10, 2005
Albert Stunkard of the School of Medicine encourages victims of night eating disorders to recognize symptoms and seek treatment.
Associated Press — August 10, 2005
Don Kettl of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on the political climate surrounding recent pay raises for Pennsylvania legislators.
New York Times — August 9, 2005
Penn research is cited for aiding failed suicide victims in prevention of further attempts.
Newsday — August 9, 2005
David Rudovsky of the Law School discusses a case of misuse of police by a county executive trying to debunk a news story.
San Antonio Express-News — August 9, 2005
Dean Richard Gelles of the School of Social Policy and Practice discusses domestic violence in the military.
Washington Post — August 9, 2005
Gary Foster of the School of Medicine indicates that we can learn from the downfall of the Atkins diet not to always trust new approaches.
Reuters Health — August 9, 2005
Academics at the University's World Criminology Conference attend a non-traditional summit in which lifers collaborate to address crime prevention.
NPR — August 9, 2005
Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School is a guest on "The Diane Rehm Show" to discuss Supreme Court issues and his new novel, "In the Shadow of the Law."
Forbes — August 8, 2005
Helen Pettinati of the School of Medicine addresses the benefits of pharmacotherapy in treating alcoholism.
HealthDay — August 8, 2005
Valerianna Amorosa of the School of Medicine comments on Penn research that has discovered growing obesity in HIV-infected patients.