Penn in the News

Garry Trudeau — December 21, 2005
The University of Pennsylvania is featured in the Doonesbury comic strip.
NPR — December 20, 2005
Mary Frances Berry of the School of Arts and Sciences joins a discussion on current issues in the media.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — December 20, 2005
David Rudovsky of the Law School says new DNA law is biased towards parolees.
Los Angeles Times — December 20, 2005
Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg School for Communication says the fact that the New York Times waited a year to release information on President Bush’s wiretapping program raises many questions.
Louisville Courier-Journal — December 19, 2005
Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education says it is surprising more African-Americans have not donated to the Ali Museum.
USA Today — December 18, 2005
Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg School for Communication discusses President Bush’s new emphasis on a clearer message for the public.
USA Today — December 18, 2005
Fernando Pereira of the School of Engineering and Applied Science comments on how writing affects memory.
Chronicle of Higher Education — December 16, 2005
Wendy White of the Office of the General Counsel authors an opinion piece on “helicopter parents.”
Philadelphia Inquirer — December 16, 2005
Theodore Schurr of the School of Arts and Sciences says breakthroughs in pigment research will lead to more anthropological and sociological research regarding skin color.
The Telegraph (U.K.) — December 15, 2005
Anne Engh of the School of Arts and Sciences says human and baboon coping mechanisms are very similar.
Philadelphia Inquirer — December 15, 2005
Penn’s Wharton School is cited for research on consumers and their shopping habits and expectations.
Philadelphia Business Journal — December 15, 2005
James E. Nevels donates $1 million to Penn’s Law School.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel — December 15, 2005
David Silverman of Penn Museum says the new Egyptian exhibit in Fort Lauderdale, which he curated, highlights humanity.
Washington Post — December 14, 2005
Robert Sharer of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses the discovery of an ancient Mayan mural.
Christian Science Monitor — December 13, 2005
Nathaniel Persily of the Law School discusses political partisanship.
Associated Press — December 13, 2005
Stephen Emerson of the School of Medicine says new stem cell breakthroughs could eliminate debates over stem-cell ethics.
Philadelphia Inquirer — December 13, 2005
Steven Sondheimer of the School of Medicine discusses changes in women’s core body temperatures.
USA Today — December 13, 2005
Kathleen Hall Jamieson of Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication comments on President Bush’s new public-opinion campaign regarding the Iraq War.
Associated Press — December 12, 2005
Al Filreis of the School of Arts and Sciences says frequent e-mails and instant messages have the capacity to improve writing skills.
Wall Street Journal — December 12, 2005
Roberta Sands of the School of Social Policy and Practice discusses difficulties grandparents face in raising their grandchildren.