Penn in the News

McClatchy Newspapers — January 24, 2007

Penn research concerning gambling at universities is cited.

YouTube — January 24, 2007

Penn’s dancing crossing guard, Floyd Johnson, is highlighted.

Philadelphia Inquirer — January 23, 2007

Dean Richardson of the Veterinary School of Medicine is honored for his treatment of Barbaro.

USA Today — January 23, 2007

Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine discusses the ethical complications that surround gestational surrogacy.

Associated Press — January 23, 2007

Dean Lee Stetson of Admissions says standardized tests are still an important means of evaluating applicants.

KYW Radio — January 23, 2007

Donald Kettl of the School of Arts and Sciences says the president’s State of the Union speech represents one of his last chances to shape his image.

Philadelphia Business Journal — January 23, 2007

Penn's long-term debt rating is upgraded.

Philadelphia Inquirer — January 22, 2007

Richard Zettler of Penn Museum and the School of Arts and Sciences says many Iraqi relics displayed in other countries were illegally procured.

Washington Times — January 22, 2007

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg School for Communication says that the State of the Union address is one among the most difficult speeches a president makes.

Washington Post — January 21, 2007

Erling Boe and Sujie Shin of the Graduate School of Education are cited for their research concerning international standardized testing.

New York Times — January 21, 2007

Sarah Igo of the School of Arts and Sciences is cited for her book, “The Average American.”

Associated Press — January 20, 2007

Andrew Newberg of the School of Medicine discusses the opening of the new Center for Spirituality and the Mind at Penn.

Baltimore Sun — January 19, 2007

Dean Richardson of the School of Veterinary Medicine provides an update on Barbaro’s most recent surgery.

Washington Post — January 19, 2007

Gerald Faulhaber of the Wharton School contributes to a column on net neutrality.

Philadelphia Inquirer — January 18, 2007

Dean Richard Gelles of the School of Social Policy and Practice says high-risk instances of child abuse can point to prior assaults by a perpetrator.

ABC News — January 18, 2007

Patricia Rose of Career Services discusses post-graduate career draws.

Boston Globe — January 18, 2007

Martin Seligman of the School of Arts and Sciences authors a letter concerning positive psychology.

Wall Street Journal — January 18, 2007

Dennis Culhane of the School of Social Policy and Practice is cited for his research on aiding the homeless.

Boston Globe — January 18, 2007

Joseph Gyourko and other researches from the Wharton School study residential building regulations in Boston and other metropolitan areas.

Newshouse News Service — January 18, 2007

Lauren Steinfeld of the Privacy Office says identity-theft education should start early.