Penn in the News

Washington Post — December 6, 2005
Mary Beth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education comments on African-American donor priorities.
Associated Press — December 6, 2005
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine says medical consultation by telephone can be problematic.
Bloomberg News — December 6, 2005
Elijah Anderson of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses increases in Philadelphia “street justice.”
Associated Press — December 5, 2005
David Skeel of the Law School discusses the debate over what church property is fair game when it comes to abuse settlements.
Los Angeles Times — December 5, 2005
Jack Guttentag of Penn’s Wharton School says the manipulation of real-estate loopholes is widespread.
ABC News — December 5, 2005
Andrew Newberg of the School of Medicine will discuss the concepts and science of heaven on a Dec. 20 ABC special.
Washington Post — December 1, 2005
Jeffrey Kallberg of the School of Arts and Sciences says Beethoven’s “Grosse Fuge” was ahead of its time.
Reuters — December 1, 2005
Peter Dodson of the School of Veterinary Medicine comments on the importance of a newly discovered bird fossil.
Knight Ridder News Service — December 1, 2005
David Rudovsky of the Law School discusses Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito’s judicial track record.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 30, 2005
Raymond G. and Ruth Perelman donate $25 million for the construction of the University of Pennsylvania Health System's new Center for Advanced Medicine.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 30, 2005
Christopher Patusky of Penn’s Fels Institute of Government discusses a crime-mapping program being implemented by the Institute to help improve schools in Philadelphia.
New York Times — November 30, 2005
Matt Blaze of the School of Engineering and Applied Science says wire tapping can sometimes be countered with simple electronics.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 29, 2005
Ian Lustick of the School of Arts and Sciences authors an opinion piece on the Iraq war.
Washington Post — November 29, 2005
David Metz of the School of Medicine says the study of competitive eaters could help researchers address dysfunctional stomachs.
KYW Radio — November 28, 2005
William Burke-White of the Law School says that the security risks associated with Hussein’s trial will continue to plague the tribune.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 28, 2005
Paul Rozin and Andrew B. Geier of the School of Arts and Sciences discuss the different interpretations of food serving sizes.
Knight Ridder News Service — November 28, 2005
A study from Penn’s Wharton School suggests that feigning courtesy constantly can cause employee burn out.
Chicago Tribune — November 27, 2005
Christopher Geczy of Penn’s Wharton School comments on McDonald’s financial re-structuring.
Philadelphia Business Journal — November 25, 2005
George Weiss donates $14 million to be used to match other donors' gifts to the Men and Women of Pennsylvania program.
Los Angeles Times — November 22, 2005
Michael Acker of the School of Medicine says the fact that many small transplant centers pass on severely sick patients explains their high rates of success.