Penn in the News

Knight Ridder News Service — December 1, 2005
David Rudovsky of the Law School discusses Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito’s judicial track record.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 30, 2005
Raymond G. and Ruth Perelman donate $25 million for the construction of the University of Pennsylvania Health System's new Center for Advanced Medicine.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 30, 2005
Christopher Patusky of Penn’s Fels Institute of Government discusses a crime-mapping program being implemented by the Institute to help improve schools in Philadelphia.
New York Times — November 30, 2005
Matt Blaze of the School of Engineering and Applied Science says wire tapping can sometimes be countered with simple electronics.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 29, 2005
Ian Lustick of the School of Arts and Sciences authors an opinion piece on the Iraq war.
Washington Post — November 29, 2005
David Metz of the School of Medicine says the study of competitive eaters could help researchers address dysfunctional stomachs.
KYW Radio — November 28, 2005
William Burke-White of the Law School says that the security risks associated with Hussein’s trial will continue to plague the tribune.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 28, 2005
Paul Rozin and Andrew B. Geier of the School of Arts and Sciences discuss the different interpretations of food serving sizes.
Knight Ridder News Service — November 28, 2005
A study from Penn’s Wharton School suggests that feigning courtesy constantly can cause employee burn out.
Chicago Tribune — November 27, 2005
Christopher Geczy of Penn’s Wharton School comments on McDonald’s financial re-structuring.
Philadelphia Business Journal — November 25, 2005
George Weiss donates $14 million to be used to match other donors' gifts to the Men and Women of Pennsylvania program.
Los Angeles Times — November 22, 2005
Michael Acker of the School of Medicine says the fact that many small transplant centers pass on severely sick patients explains their high rates of success.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 22, 2005
Phyllis Kaniss of Penn’s Annenberg Public Policy Center says that youth-voting campaigns need to be constant and not just every four years.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 21, 2005
D. Walter Cohen of the School of Dental Medicine says there are more dentists retiring than graduating.
Philadelphia Business Journal — November 21, 2005
Penn Wharton entrepreneurs Nat Turner, Adam Parker and Zach Weinberg are spotlighted for their online food-ordering business.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 20, 2005
Brett Shaheen, a student in the College, has been awarded a Rhodes scholarship.
Bloomberg News — November 20, 2005
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine discusses the ethics surrounding SFBC's threat of deportation against immigrant drug testers who claim their pharmaceuticals have health risks.
Detroit News — November 20, 2005
Campbell Laird of the School of Engineering and Applied Science comments on Ford's decision not to investigate safety issues surrounding Explorers' roofs.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 18, 2005
Trustee George Weiss, founder of the Say Yes to Education program, donates $14 million for undergraduate financial aid at Penn.
Associated Press — November 18, 2005
Patricia Sertich of the School of Veterinary Medicine says there is a lack of research on bears.