Penn in the News

Chicago Tribune — November 9, 2005
David Skeel of the Law School says the Refco corporate scandal may not have as many consequences in the market as initially thought.
Baltimore Sun — November 9, 2005
Laurence Kruckman of the School of Medicine says that postpartum psychosis is the worst-case scenario for troubled mothers.
Los Angeles Times — November 8, 2005
Peter Fader of Penn’s Wharton School says music labels threaten technological advances with their efforts to thwart piracy.
Seattle Times — November 7, 2005
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine says it is not ethical to provide placebos to patients who previously had a successful medicine regimen.
New Yorker — November 7, 2005
William Labov of the School of Arts and Sciences is profiled for his work with dialects.
KUHF Radio — November 7, 2005
Barbie Zelizer of Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication discusses the common political strategy of comparing the Iraq War to Vietnam.
KSBI-TV (Oklahoma City) — November 4, 2005
Jason Karlawish of the School of Medicine says Alzheimer's patients benefit from knowing their diagnosis.
Chronicle of Higher Education — November 4, 2005
Mary Frances Berry of the School of Arts and Sciences reflects on John Hope Franklin's autobiographical examination of a century of racism in America.
WPVI-TV — November 2, 2005
Soo Kim Abboud of the School of Medicine discusses his new novel about Asian students and academic performance.
New York Times — November 2, 2005
Lee Stetson of Admissions says that college-admission essays that sound like they were written by someone other than the applicant probably were.
Wall Street Journal — November 2, 2005
Jeremy Siegel of Penn’s Wharton School discusses the market strength of growth stocks.
Discover — November 1, 2005
Patrick McGovern of the Penn Museum and School of Arts and Sciences helps Dogfish Tavern re-create ancient brews.
Chicago Tribune — November 1, 2005
Thomas Sugrue of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses the progression of civil rights and desegregation in America.
New York Times — November 1, 2005
A Penn archeological team helps catalogue neglected Egyptian artifacts.
HealthDay — October 31, 2005
Daniel Langleben of the School of Medicine says lie-detection tests measuring stress in the GI tract are just as susceptible to false readings as other stress-based lie detection.
Los Angeles Times — October 31, 2005
Stanley Plotkin of the School of Medicine discusses future use of a more quickly produced flu vaccine based on DNA.
Knight Ridder News Service — October 31, 2005
Nathaniel Persily of the Law School says Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito has a habit of voicing minority opinions.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel — October 31, 2005
Marvin Lazerson of the Graduate School of Education authors an opinion piece on the responsibilities surrounding public space.
Philadelphia Inquirer — October 30, 2005
Richard Gelles of the School of Social Policy and Practice says children raised by domestic abusers are the highest percentages of abusers when adults.
Philadelphia Business Journal — October 30, 2005
Joan Hendricks is the new dean of Penn's School of Veterinary Medicine.