Penn in the News

Los Angeles Times — November 22, 2005
Michael Acker of the School of Medicine says the fact that many small transplant centers pass on severely sick patients explains their high rates of success.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 22, 2005
Phyllis Kaniss of Penn’s Annenberg Public Policy Center says that youth-voting campaigns need to be constant and not just every four years.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 21, 2005
D. Walter Cohen of the School of Dental Medicine says there are more dentists retiring than graduating.
Philadelphia Business Journal — November 21, 2005
Penn Wharton entrepreneurs Nat Turner, Adam Parker and Zach Weinberg are spotlighted for their online food-ordering business.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 20, 2005
Brett Shaheen, a student in the College, has been awarded a Rhodes scholarship.
Bloomberg News — November 20, 2005
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine discusses the ethics surrounding SFBC's threat of deportation against immigrant drug testers who claim their pharmaceuticals have health risks.
Detroit News — November 20, 2005
Campbell Laird of the School of Engineering and Applied Science comments on Ford's decision not to investigate safety issues surrounding Explorers' roofs.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 18, 2005
Trustee George Weiss, founder of the Say Yes to Education program, donates $14 million for undergraduate financial aid at Penn.
Associated Press — November 18, 2005
Patricia Sertich of the School of Veterinary Medicine says there is a lack of research on bears.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 17, 2005
Elijah Anderson of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on Reading Terminal Market's popularity, calling it a "cosmopolitan canopy."
Associated Press — November 17, 2005
Thomas Wadden of the School of Medicine says obesity pills don't replace the need for healthy eating habits and exercise.
Washington Post — November 17, 2005
Robert Sharer of the School of Arts and Sciences says the site of a centuries-old assassination doesn’t hold enough clues to reconstruct the events.
Washington Post — November 17, 2005
Michael Eric Dyson of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses racial issues and Bill Cosby.
Reuters — November 17, 2005
Flaura Winston of the School of Medicine says children are susceptible to post-traumatic stress following car accidents.
Associated Press — November 16, 2005
Donald Lavan of the School of Medicine says there isn't sufficient evidence to alter his recommendations about coffee to cardo-specific patients.
USA Today — November 16, 2005
Frank Furstenberg of the School of Arts and Sciences says that the definition of being too old to marry is being pushed back further and further.
Associated Press — November 15, 2005
The Penn Museum helps to train a new FBI art-crime team.
Associated Press — November 15, 2005
Donald Lavan of the School of Medicine says preliminary findings indicate that smoking bans could improve cardiac and general health in the community as well as in individuals.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 15, 2005
In the final article of a three-part series, Penn is among local institutions spotlighted for international fund-raising activities.
Associated Press — November 14, 2005
A Penn School of Medicine study is cited for their research regarding amounts of C8 found in the population around a chemical plant.