Penn in the News

Knight Ridder News Service — September 12, 2005
Nathaniel Persily of the Law School discusses Supreme Court nominee Roberts.
HealthDay News — September 12, 2005
Joel Bennett of the School of Medicine comments on new findings concerning pain-killer use among men.
New York Times — September 11, 2005
Lee Stetson of Admissions discusses universities’ admitting popular, young actresses.
Chronicle of Higher Education — September 9, 2005
President Amy Gutmann authors an opinion piece on intellectual diversity and government intrusion in academia.
Washington Post — September 9, 2005
Arhtur Caplan of the School of Medicine comments on the resignation of the president’s bioethics counselor.
Knight Ridder News Service — September 8, 2005
Regina Austin and Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School discuss the government’s ability to use forceful evacuation.
Wall Street Journal — September 8, 2005
David Asch of Penn’s Wharton School says most doctors do not consider expense and quality of care when making recommendations for diagnostic testing.
Associated Press — September 8, 2005
Lawrence Rome of the School of Arts and Sciences invents a backpack that generates energy with walking.
Philadelphia Inquirer — September 7, 2005
Penn welcomes students from hurricane-affected colleges in New Orleans.
Reuters — September 7, 2005
Barbie Zelizer of Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication comments on the handling of the New Orleans relief efforts.
Washington Times — September 7, 2005
Brett Cucchiara of the School of Medicine says Jacques Chirac’s health issues increase his chances of more major problems in the future.
Los Angeles Times — September 5, 2005
Martin Seligman of the School of Arts and Sciences is cited for his research on “positive psychology.”
Los Angeles Times — September 5, 2005
Amishi Jha of the School of arts and Sciences warns that meditation can have harmful effects on children who haven’t fully matured mentally.
Associated Press — September 3, 2005
Kathleen Hall Jamieson of Penn's Annenberg School for Communication says expectations for crisis management for the president have grown since 9/11.
Los Angeles Times — September 3, 2005
Don Kettl of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses the stress Hurricane Katrina has placed on government resources.
Philadelphia Inquirer — September 2, 2005
Penn is among colleges and universities offering enrollment to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
Knight Ridder News Service — September 1, 2005
Penn researchers contribute to a study in which the effects of olive oil and ibuprofen are compared.
New York Times — September 1, 2005
Witold Rybczynski of the School of Design and Penn’s Wharton School comments on the enormous task of rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
Los Angeles Times — September 1, 2005
Lorraine Tulman of the School of Nursing comments on the woman’s health chief’s resignation amid the morning after pill’s bid for over-the-counter status.
San Antonio Express-News — August 30, 2005
Frank Furstenberg of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on the trend of young adults sponging off their parents.