Penn Engineers Help Record an Electron’s Quantum Behavior

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, University of California, Santa Barbara, and University of Konstanz, Germany, have developed a technique to record the quantum mechanical behavior of an individual electron contained within a nanoscale defect in diamond. Their technique uses ultrafast pulses of laser light both to control the defect’s entire quantum state and observe how that single electron state changes over time.

Penn Undergrad Startup Aims to Make Finding Grants Easier

A startup by University of Pennsylvania undergraduates Grace Truong, John Lu and Nick Liu Grant Fellow LLC., Grant Fellow’s website is an online aggregator, search engine and task manager that will streamline and simplify the grant-writing process for universities and nonprofits alike.

Penn Astronomers Will Use Newly Funded Telescope in Hunt for Dark Energy

After more than a decade of development and planning, the National Science Foundation has approved federal construction of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, of which the University of Pennsylvania is a member, will manage the $473 million construction project.

Inaugural Penn Network Visualization Program Gallery Event

A free event and gallery show of art derived from and inspired by network science and the artists participation in the Penn Network Visualization Program, developed by Danielle Basset, an assistant professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s departments of Bioengineering and Electrica

Science & Technology


  • Rehabilitation With the Help of Robots

    Rehabilitation With the Help of Robots

    From automated assembly lines to personalized flying drones, robots are opening up new possibilities in the realms of both work and play.

  • Pushing the Frontiers of a New Material

    Pushing the Frontiers of a New Material

    Draw a line with a pencil and it’s likely that somewhere along that black smudge is a material that earned two scientists the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. The graphite of that pencil tip is simply multiple layers of carbon atoms; where those layers are only one atom thick, it is known as graphene.

  • The Link Between the Southern Ocean and Climate Change

    The Link Between the Southern Ocean and Climate Change

    To investigate the interplay between climate change and the ocean, Irina Marinov, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, focuses her attention on…

  • Dr. Henry Daniell

    Growing Plants to Save Lives

    Tucked behind old factory buildings on Penn’s South Bank campus stands a gleaming greenhouse. The $2 million structure, completed late last year, is state-of-the-art. Drip irrigation ensures each pot receives just the right amount of water.

  • Solving Society’s Greatest Energy Challenges

    Solving Society’s Greatest Energy Challenges

    When University sophomore Albert Xiao joined the first class of the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER), a dual-degree program in Penn Arts & Sciences and the S…

  • 3D Printing for Veterinary Surgeries

    3D Printing for Veterinary Surgeries

    In PennDesign’s Fabrication Lab, students and faculty use three-dimensional printers to craft geometric forms, architectural models, and other products of the imagination.

  • Penn Researchers Help Unearth Forgotten Egyptian Pharaoh

    Working in the ancient Egyptian city of Abydos over the winter break, a team of Penn archaeologists knew they had found something special. After excavating a series of chambers constructed of mud-brick—usually a sign of a common person’s tomb—they encountered a stone slab, and finally, a burial chamber lined with limestone.

  • Robockey Teams Face Off in Largest Tournament Yet

    For students in the “Design of Mechatronic Systems” class in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, “the finals” are more than just an exam; they are a tournament in which the winners hoist a trophy h…

  • Penn Researchers Show How Brain ‘Geotags’ Memory

    Penn Researchers Show How Brain ‘Geotags’ Memory

    The hippocampus in the brain is associated with remembering events and tracking locations. Researchers, however, had been unable to determine whether the same sets of neurons were involved in both of these processes.

  • Nanotech Innovation Keeps Surfaces Clean and Transparent

    Hanging hundreds of feet off the ground to wash a skyscraper’s windows or pumping water out to a desert solar array to keep its panels and mirrors clean is more than just a hassle—it’s an expensive problem with serious ecological implications.

Penn in the news

Penn Finds Quite the Skeleton in its Closet August 5, 2014 | Philly.com

Janet Monge and William Hafford are highlighted for re-discovering a 6,500-year-old skeleton in the Penn Museum’s collection.

OKCupid, Say It Ain’t So! July 29, 2014 | Psychology Today

Jonathan Moreno of the Perelman School of Medicine and the School of Arts & Sciences discusses how social networks can undermine trust.

Audio: Penn Physicists Probe Atomic Structure of Graphene, Computing’s Next Silicon July 28, 2014 | “Newsworks,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)

Charlie Johnson and Marija Drndic of the School of Arts & Sciences discuss measuring the performance of graphene while visualizing its atomic structure.

Audio: Solving Mysteries Key to Next Generation of Computers July 22, 2014 | “Newsworks,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)

Charles Kane of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses a concept called braiding and Majorana particles.

Researchers Aim for an Electrical Memory Prosthesis July 18, 2014 | Science

The Penn DARPA project is mentioned, and Michael Kahana of the School of Arts & Sciences is quoted.

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