Penn Researchers Develop New Technique for Making Graphene Competitor, Molybdenum Disulphide

Physics’ A.T. Charlie Johnson and Engineering’s Ritesh Agarwal, along with members of their labs, have a new way to "seed" the growth of a promising new 2-D material.

Three Penn Researchers Awarded Sloan Fellowships

Since 1955, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has granted yearly fellowships to early-career scientists and scholars whose achievements and potential identify them the next generation of scientific leaders.

An Introduction to ‘Differential Privacy,’ from Penn Professor Aaron Roth

The ability to amass, store, manipulate and analyze information from millions of people at once has opened a vast frontier of new research methods. But, whether these methods are used in the service of new business models or new scientific findings, they also raise questions for the individuals whose information comprises these “big data” sets.

Penn Student Chronicles the Emergence of Interdisciplinary Science Through Architecture

Brit Shields, a graduate student in History and Sociology of Science, explores the role the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter played shaping the growth of interdisciplinary research at Penn.

Fifth Annual Materials Day

January 30, 2015

Science & Technology


Penn in the news

What Exactly Is ‘Game Theory’? February 18, 2015 | BBC News

Rakesh Vohra of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Arts & Sciences comments on game theory and economics.

Making the Most of a Skeleton in Penn’s Basement February 13, 2015 | Philadelphia Inquirer

Janet Monge and William Hafford of the Penn Museum and undergraduate students Carly Sokach and Kamillia Scott share their comments on an excavated skeleton.

Audio: When Science Meets Politics February 12, 2015 | “Newsworks,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)

David Levitan of the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s SciCheck is featured.

Game Theory Calls Cooperation Into Question February 12, 2015 | Quanta Magazine

Joshua Plotkin of the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Science is featured for applying the “prisoner’s dilemma” to evolving populations.

Cheap Video Animation Allows Small Businesses to Grab Clients February 9, 2015 | Philadelphia Inquirer

Benjamin Wiggins and Erick Hyde of the School of Arts & Sciences and Robert Ghrist of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Arts & Sciences comment on video animation being used in curriculums.

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