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U.S. Congress Moves to Block Human-embryo Editing June 25, 2015 | Nature

Jonathan Moreno of the Perelman School of Medicine and the School of Arts & Sciences says, “You don’t have to be a faith-based bioethicist to recognize that there’s some global responsibility for modifying the human germline.”

So Apparently There Are 4 Kinds of Introversion June 25, 2015 | New York Magazine

Scott Barry Kaufman of the School of Arts & Sciences is quoted about different types of introversion.

Mississippi Valley Archaeological Site Reveals Transition From Hunter-gatherer to Farming Cultures of Ancient Native Americans June 19, 2015 |

Meg Kassabaum of the School of Arts & Sciences and the Museum is featured as the project director for the Smith Creek Archeological Project.

The Forgotten History of How Bird Poop Cripples Power Lines June 10, 2015 | IEEE Spectrum

Etienne Benson of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses the threat birds posed to the power grid in California in the 1920s.

‘New’ Dinosaur Species Named by State Museum of Pennsylvania Palentologist: Jurassic World in Pa. June 8, 2015 | Harrisburg Patriot-News

Doctoral candidate Steven Jasinski of the School of Arts & Sciences is featured for naming a newly discovered dinosaur.