Summer 2014 Penn Science Café and Lightbulb Café Lecture Series

All events are held at: 
World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut St.
6–7 p.m. 

Since 2005, the Penn Science CafĂ© has shined a spotlight on Penn research in the sciences. The Penn Lightbulb CafĂ© debuted in 2011 to illuminate research in social science, arts and humanities. The lectures, held on Tuesday evenings at World Cafe Live Upstairs, are free and open to the public. Each hour-long talk begins at 6 p.m. and is followed by an audience Q&A session. CafĂ© goers can come early to enjoy 5-7 p.m. happy hour specials. Seating is limited. The two lecture series are presented by the School of Arts & Sciences in partnership with the Office of University Communications. 

Tuesday, June 17 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ
Emily Owens, associate professor of Criminology
"Immigration Policy, Informality and Criminal Behavior"
How does the public perception of the 'dangerous illegal immigrant' play out in the real world?  Professor Emily Owens, an economist by training, will discuss what economic, criminal justice, and census data have to say about the actual impact of immigration policy on underground markets and criminal behavior. 

Tuesday, June 24 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ 
David Hewitt, a lecturer in Biology and Design
"Cities Aren't Like Ecosystems, They Are Ecosystems"
Over the past two years, David Hewitt has taught ecology to students of City & Regional Planning, and this talk will be a "lessons learned" from that experience: about how and why one should understand cities as ecosystems -- not as a metaphor, not as stretch of the imagination, but simply and clearly as ecosystems governed by ecological principles, just as other kinds of ecosystems are.

Tuesday, July 29 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ
Emilio Parrado, professor and chair of the Department of Sociology and the Population Studies Center and director of Penn's Latin American and Latino Studies Program
"New realities of Latin American Migration to the U.S."
Latin American migration to the United States grew very rapidly during the last two decades of the 20th century.  Since then, the 2007 economic recession together with stronger border enforcement and deportation policies are having a visible impact on the dynamics of the flow and even the size of the immigrant population in local areas. Dr. Parrado will highlight current demographic realities that are essential to understand and evaluate proposed changes to immigration policy.

Tuesday, Aug 12 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ 
Carla Diana, lecturer, PennDesign
Rahul Mangharam, assistant professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Sarah Rottenberg, lecturer, PennDesign  
Orkan Telhan, assistant professor, PennDesign
“xLAB: Designing New Entertainment Experiences”
Members of the newly formed xLAB will show off some of the interdisciplinary projects they are working on. The collaboration between Engineering and Design uses the "Internet of things" to devise and deliver richer and more interactive entertainment experiences.