Spring 2015 Penn Science Café and Lightbulb Café Lecture Series

All events are held at: 

World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut St.
6–7 p.m. 

Since 2005, the Penn Science CafĂ© has shined a spotlight on Penn research in the sciences. The Penn Lightbulb CafĂ© debuted in 2011 to illuminate research in social science, arts and humanities. The lectures, held on Tuesday evenings at World Cafe Live Upstairs, are free and open to the public. Each hour-long talk begins at 6 p.m. and is followed by an audience Q&A session. CafĂ© goers can come early to enjoy 5-7 p.m. happy hour specials. Seating is limited. The two lecture series are presented by the School of Arts & Sciences in partnership with the Office of University Communications. 

Tuesday, Jan. 20 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ 
Johannes Eichstaedt, graduate student, Department of Psychology
Founding Research Scientist, World Well-Being Project
"Predicting Heart Disease With Twitter"
Social media represents an unprecedented opportunity for psychology researchers, providing a wide window into people's thoughts and feelings as they share them with the world. An interdisciplinary team has analyzed public Twitter streams, correlating them with geographic health data, showing that the emotional language that people use is a better overall predictor of heart disease than traditional metrics, such as smoking or obesity rates.   

Meredith Tamminga, assistant professor in the Department of Linguistics of the School of Arts & Sciences at Penn  
"Talk Like a Philadelphian”  
Philadelphians have a unique way of speaking that extends far beyond “youse”, “jawn” and “wit wiz or without?” Drawing on 40 years of intensive research conducted at Penn on the Philadelphia accent, Professor Tamminga will play recordings of speech of typical Philadelphians, identifying the words and sounds that make “Philly speak” unique. She will cover some basic principles of how speech sounds are produced and measured, as well as discuss how and why accents develop over time.

Tuesday, Feb. 17 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ 
Irina Marinov, a climatologist in the Earth and Environmental Science Department
"A Story of the Southern Ocean”  
The Southern Ocean, the vast and mostly unexplored ocean surrounding Antarctica, takes up most of the human-produced greenhouse heat and a large percent of the carbon dioxide people put into the atmosphere. The Southern Ocean is critically important for our planet's climate on both long and short time scales. Marinov will discuss future expected changes in the Southern Ocean's circulation and physics under a warming climate, and the repercussions for the rest of the planet.

Please also mark your calendars for the following dates - we will be adding details as available.

Tuesday, March 10 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ          

Tuesday, March 24 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ                  

Tuesday, April 7 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ                         

Tuesday, April 21 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ     

Tuesday, June 16 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ                      

Tuesday, July 14 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ                    

Tuesday, August 18 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ                 

Tuesday, September 1 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ     

Tuesday, September 15 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ 

Tuesday, October 6 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ                     

Tuesday, October 20 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ          

Tuesday, November 3 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ                 

Tuesday, November 17 - PENN LIGHTBULB CAFÉ           

Tuesday, December 8 - PENN SCIENCE CAFÉ