Annenberg School for Communication

Too Dangerous for College

August 26, 2009
The Annenberg Public Policy Center is cited for research on gambling addiction among college students.
Article Source: Newsweek

Long Senate Record Made Kennedy a Giant in His Own Right

August 26, 2009
Alvin Felzenberg of the Annenberg School for Communication comments on Sen. Edward Kennedy’s legislative legacy.
Article Source: Christian Science Monitor

Twitter Haters See No Point in Tweeting

August 24, 2009
Joseph Turow of the Annenberg School for Communication says many new social-media technologies are greeted with doubt initially.
Article Source: USA Today

GOP Pushes Health 'Bill of Rights'

August 24, 2009 of the Annenberg Public Policy Center examines claims that Medicare is at risk under current health-care proposals.
Article Source: Washington Post

So Much for the 'Dog Days' of August

August 24, 2009
Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg School of Communication analyzes health-care-reform advertisements.
Article Source: CQ Politics
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