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Does Anyone Make Accurate Geopolitical Predictions?

January 29, 2015

Barbara Mellers and Michael Horowitz of the School of Arts &

Article Source: Washington Post

Unconscious Thought Not So Smart After All

January 28, 2015

Jonathan Baron of the School of Arts & Sciences comments on UTA, “unconscious-thought advantage,” and how psycholog

Article Source: Scientific American
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Media Contact:Katherine Unger Baillie | | 215-898-9194January 29, 2015

Penn Senior Emma Schad Investigates the Politics of Philadelphia’s Parks

Growing up in Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania senior Emma Schad spent countless days in the city’s parks, enjoying nature within the urban cityscape. Now, as a science, technology and society major with a minor in environmental science, Schad has turned a scholarly eye toward examining how Philadelphia manages its 186 parks.

By Sarah Welsh

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Media Contact:Jeanne Leong | | 215-573-8151January 28, 2015

Gospel Choir Fuels Hopefulness and Happiness at Penn

For members of the New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir, singing and producing shows together is a joyful and meaningful part of their educational experience at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Top Free-Market Institutes: 2014 Rankings

January 22, 2015

James McGann of the School of Arts & Sciences is mentioned for his work with compiling the 2014 Global Go To Think

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Media Contact:Evan Lerner | | 215-573-6604
Media Contact:Sarah Yang | | 510-643-7741
Media Contact:Richard Kubetz | | 217-244-7716January 26, 2015

Researchers at Penn, Berkeley and Illinois Use Oxides to Flip Graphene Conductivity

Graphene, a one-atom thick lattice of carbon atoms, is often touted as a revolutionary material that will take the place of silicon at the heart of electronics. The unmatched speed at which it can move electrons, plus its essentially two-dimensional form factor, make it an attractive alternative, but several hurdles to its adoption remain.

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Media Contact:Jacquie Posey | | 215-898-6460January 26, 2015

Penn Professor Kathryn Hellerstein Wins National Jewish Book Award

The Jewish Book Council has named University of Pennsylvania professor Kathryn Hellerstein recipient of the 2014 Barbara Dobkin Award for Women’s Studies for her A Question of Tradition: Women Poets in Yiddish, 1586-1987 (Stanford University Press, 2014).

Such a Stoic

February 2, 2015

Emily Wilson of the School of Arts & Sciences is cited for her book The Greatest Empire: A Life of Seneca<

Article Source: The New Yorker

Why Do Nasty Online Comments Get Us Riled Up? It’s Literally in Our DNA.

January 25, 2015

Doctoral student Johannes Eichstaedt of the School of Arts & Sciences says, “We now think of chronic stress as a chronic upregulation of the sympathetic nervous system.”

Article Source: Washington Post
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Media Contact:Katherine Unger Baillie | | 215-898-9194January 26, 2015